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Interesting Facts About Puffs Street Ties to Supreme, Wolf + more

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 09-27-2005, 06:04 AM         #1
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@ 06:04 AM 09-27-2005 [emoji] Interesting Facts About Puffs Street Ties to Supreme, Wolf + more

Shyne was cool with Hamo, , Wolf, Black Child and peeps in Brooklyn Vietnam and Queenz. If you seen the Beef dvd Shyne is in the back laughing when they interviewed Black Child saying he stabbed 50 up.

When Shyne and Puff had beef with Matthew Scar Alllen at the club NY shooting that n*gga fled to Maryland and didnt want to make any statements.

50 had problems with Cigar, Supreme, Tata, and Hamo. Puff is down with Cigar, its been quoted in his rhymes and magazines.

50 was on the Howard Stern show few weeks a go, he was all scared to diss Puff, like I never said **** like that and the media made it different about the Fiddy Diddy thing.

On Diddys New joint Godfather he claims to be only Godfather, when Shyne been using that image. He also shouts out the Supreme Team at the beginning of the track.

Puff has millions of thugs on salary, got Suges peeps murdered, Dude is shiesty he makes the white people think he this sensitive, caring person who loves music and ****, on the low he ordering hits. I think Puff runs **** in NY

puff is connected but shyne is connected as well...... But yeah puff got mad power in New York...... its smart for him to act all sensitive in the public so then when sh*t goes down, nobody will look at him......but sometimes i think if puff was so connected why hasnt suge been killed yet...... it makes me think sometimes that puff got biggie killed and suge got pac killed.....what if suge and puff were cool from the beginning and did all this sh*t to sell records and make money...puff was the one forcing biggie to go out LA....and i always wondered why pac looked so scared in the picture in the car wit suge....what if suge told pac right be4 he was takin the pic that he was gonna get killed and he couldnt do anything about it

yea cuz in the beginning it was mainly suge and puffy beefing....biggie and pac were just thrown in the mix.....this sh*t just makes u think if suge and puffy had this whole sh*t planned out.

biggie and pac was mad tight
puff and his extortioners wanted pac on bad boy
pac said no then he gets robbed and shot
pac then turns his back on biggie and goes to jail
suge comes to rescue pac
suge has complete control over pac since he bailed him out
suge gets pac to jump orlando(who was cool wit suge's peeps)
pac murdered
year later biggie for some reason goes out LA
puff drives in a diff. car thats ahead of biggie's car
big murdered
3 hrs after big was killed, puff is on the plane back to NY,he doesnt even stay wit his "best friend"
whos alive in the end?
puff and suge...the 2 same people or were beefing originally in the beginning.
whos making money off there dead artist?
puff and suge

Puffy Had the East Coast most notourious hit man on salary who was also his cousin..

Anthony "Wolf" Jones who is dead btw now

Puffy is a G... Don't get it twisted..

Wolf Sprayed suges best friend right infront of suge in ATL... True Story

Taken from sohh


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