Sep 23 - Trick-trick's crew stomps out trick daddy

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 09-23-2005, 09:38 AM         #1
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Sep 23 - Trick-trick's crew stomps out trick daddy

Go to sohh.com to see the footage

3. Trick Daddy Motown Town stompout. SOHH.com is told that Miami's own super thug Trick Daddy recently got stepped on during a visit to Motown, at least according to independent Detroit artist Trick Trick. Trick Trick recounts the incident in a video leaked onto the internet.

"We was on tour promoting the album a while back and Trick Daddy had his little birthday party [in Miami] going on. And the promoter let us know, 'ya'll probably don't wanna go to the Trick Daddy party like that and promote your album cause ya'll kinda got the same name and he's a bi*ch a*s n*gga like that,"' Trick Trick revealed. Based on Trick's account, he and his crew still went to the party and were later asked to leave. Some time after, Trick Daddy stopped by Detroit to perform. "I was wired the minute that bi*ch got to motherfu*kin DetroitCity," Trick claims in the footage. "I knew what hotel room he was in. I knew the motherfu*kin promoter that booked the n*gga. I knew what time he went to the record store, somebody was on his a*s when he was at the mall. Every fu*king step that motherfu*ka made, they was on his a*s."

Trick then swears that a load of his a*sociates attended Trick Daddy's show, ready to whoop him on Trick Trick's behalf. While it's unclear whether Trick Daddy is the man shown in the footage, Trick Trick's comrades quickly rushed the stage to stomp the man holding the mike. The incident turned into a near riot as people from all angles swarmed the stage to a*sault their target. Trick Trick also claims that TD got his front teeth knocked out in the process.

 http://www.sohh.com/artic .. ticle.php/7579

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