If Jigga disses mad rappers......

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 13 years ago '05        #176
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 HipnotiK said
why would he diss game? if he does tho game gonna sell a lot on his 2nd album

and jigga is garbage for the record, n*gga been fell off

jigga's verse on go crazy wit jeezy = proof that he got no talent left
i mean jigga can get big headed and arrogant but son is not garbage fam.thats a little overboard....son knows how to make a record and he would k*lled jeezy if he had really come with it.don't want to outshine the dude that will be making you some new dough....he's on there to get jeezy some buzz.......

 09-27-2005, 01:38 PM         #177
cdoyle456  OP
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 Abso252 said
jay -z is a biter. he took so many of biggie's rhymes its serious

jay-z is wack
and whenever someone heard him recite a Biggie, Snoop, whoever, line in his songs they would think, ohh, that's Big, or ohh, that's Snoop, damn Jay is nice

it's just the retards like you who just started listening to Rap when Em signed 50 and heard this BS "I'm a Biter" song that think like you do, and think Jay was actually trying to steal people's lines and use them as his own, most of the time Jay would use a Big line he would yell out "BIG BABY" like Biggie used to, now if he was trying to steal Biggie's line why would he do that?>????

 13 years ago '04        #178
l0udm0uf 1 heat pts
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^lol just quit tryin man, its really like talkin to a wall... let kids think whatever they want

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