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The Real Reason Mase Left And Returned To Rap...(Crazy

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 09-12-2005, 02:22 AM         #1
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The Real Reason Mase Left And Returned To Rap...(Crazy

Props To Clear M3

Okay well you can believe what you want but if you follow Mase and know his history this will all add up to you. Found this story out today from some friends and it makes all sense now. These are people who do know people affiliated to people in this story so I trust the sources. Anyway heres the breakdown

You ever wonder why Mase just out of nowhere left? He claimed it was because he found God, well that was partially true but not fully. Truth is there was a well known guy in Harlem. Mase was ****ing his girl or wife whatever she is. Word got back around and Mase got caught. So he picked up and took off to Atlanta to basically hide out. He also took two people with him i forget the exact names but if you listen to the interview in which Jim Jones and Cam confronted him on air about it the names pop up. I remembered them as soon as I heard them. Pop Lotty and another dude.(Loon talks about this in his new diss to Mase) Anyway they all took off with Mase to Atlanta. As years passed these two guys felt it was now safe and **** was all clear for them to come back to New York. Mase was warned by the guy though and what happened next is both of these guys were murdered. Maybe just one was and one was stabbed. Either way they got hit because of Mase.

Time passed and the guy who was after Mase was murdered too. This set it up for Mase to easily come back to NY because he felt it was all clear now and he could continue to rap all of a sudden. No one questioned it except the people in Harlem i.e Loon, Diplomats, Cardan, etc because they all knew the true story.

Which is why on radio Cam and jim Jones confronted him if you remember and they kept sayin tell them Mase why you left. Tell them why you picked up and ran. We know your true story etc.

also explains cam'rons line in Welcome To New York City

"you get jam wit them jammers blam with them blammers.. its hot here.. ask mase he ran to atlanta"

If you recall Mase was very quiet too on air about it because this was now out in the open. He also started to pray and said it was for jimmy. Truth is it most likely was for his friends and himself.

Now also it should be noted since Mase thought he was free and had no wrries. He felt he could come back as the original Murda Mase he always was. However, it was Diddy who didnt want Mase associated with that. Since the Shyne case diddy has wanted to stay away from all trouble and he knew Mase was trouble now which is also why you did not see Diddy anywhere with Mase. Dont you think it would of been like the old days when Diddy was side by side with him? Well that didnt happen because Diddy knew the history himself too and he didnt want Murda MAse he wanted the soft Mase with no problems. Because he didnt want trouble again with his company. He has stayed out of all that

That now explains Mase saying on radio Bad Boy wouldnt let him be who he wanted to be etc etc

Basically that was all a act. Now fast forward to today no one hates Mase now but people in Harlem because they all think he is a fake. They know his history. Why is it even close friends of his Loon and Cardan are not even with him now? Instead they dissin him. Supposedly there are more people after him again though due to this and he joined up with G-Unit for the added security presence because basically everyone thinks if the security there we have no chance to get at you. This explains now why Diddy was so free to let him go. Diddy wasnt going to help him at all he rather Mase go to 50 and let 50 handle him while Diddy gets checks cut to him off Mase profits but now it doesnt reflect on Bad Boy what he says or does. He just gets his checks on the side. Its basically a G-Unit problem now not a Bad Boy problem.

So for people who know Mases history this will add up to you. If you been following along. It all made sense to me now when you add it all up. Pretty crazy. Long read but I thought mase fans would want to know and even mase haters.

I know i wondered why Mase just picked up and left, wondered why Jim and Cam hated him so much, wondered why Diddy wasnt helping him promote him and wasnt seen with him other than the VMA's, and also wondered how he could just let MAse go to G-Unit so easily when if you know Diddys history is never that easy i.e 112, Lox, etc.

So yeah for anyone interested there you go. Believe it if ya want. No need to hate

jacked but good read


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