Lil Troy is Most gangsta rapping dude in the south?? Suing Scarface

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Lil Troy is Most gangsta rapping dude in the south?? Suing Scarface

Houston, Texas rapper Lil' Troy is filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against fellow Houston rapper, the legendary Brad “Scarface” Jordan...

Scarface and Lil’ Troy have a well known history of animosity towards each other.

The issues appear to have started shortly after Lil’ Troy caught a drug case and served prison time, as his debut Sittin’ Fat Down South hit stores. The album was powered by the hit single “Wanna Be a Baller” and eventually sold over a million copies.

Allegations were soon flying from both sides that the other was working for the government as federal informants.

Their feud entered the court when Scarface sued Lil’ Troy and his label Short Stop Records in 2002 for releasing songs that were produced by Troy, but featured tracks with Scarface’s vocals.

The songs in question were featured on Sittin Fat Down South and Scarface was eventually awarded $220,000 in damages.

In retaliation Lil' Troy is in the process of filing a $2 million lawsuit against Scarface for defamation of character and slander.

"I never thought anything about suing them or anything," Lil' Troy told AllHipHop.com. "But when he actually sued me for a track I produced and never asked for a dime on, that was crazy. I mean for him to do that is adding insult to injury, especially after all me and my family have done for him."

Lil’ Troy has also released a-tell all DVD titled “Paperwork.”

"[Scarface] wanted to sit up and make songs about me calling me a snitch," Lil' Troy continued. "But he ain't got any documents to back it up. I went to jail and did my time, but he ain't never seen a jail a day in his life. Now we see why and I am going to let the world know why."

In addition to the "Paperwork" DVD, Lil' Troy is also readying for his upcoming album Like Father Like Son.

"I am just keeping busy trying to make some money," Troy said. "I have been out [of prison] now for ten months, now I am off of probation so I can really grind and promote like I want to."

Though the beef seems intense, Lil' Troy guarantees that there is no real problems between the former friends.

"I have no problem with [Scarface]," Lil' Troy said, " I don't even know why all of a sudden I was a snitch and all this lawsuit stuff came about. I would love to sit down and ask him why. I am even willing to put it all to the side and work together again."

"Paperwork" DVD is set to be released September 20th. Like Father Like Son is set for an October release.

Scarface could not be reached for comment as of press time.


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