G-Unit Brawl in VA Beach

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Aug 20 - G-Unit Brawl in VA Beach

I just got back from vacation in VA Beach last night, so I;m posting this a little late.
On Wednesday, Yayo and Olivia were signing autographs in the Lynnhaven Mall at Finish Line. About 45 minutes after they got there some locals were yellin "fu*k G-UNIT.. D-BLOOOOOCK". So Spider Loc and an a member of the G-Unit entourage told him to "say that sh*t to Yayo's face". 2 of them went in there walked past the line n did exactley that and 3 members of G-Unit followed them on their way out.
About 30 seconds later all you heard was a loud crack that echoed through the mall and about 8 other G-Unit member came running out. They started taking metal tops to crash cans and swinging them and they picked up a porcelain trash can and threw it on top of them. The stores started to close their gates and lock everybody out and G-Unit continued stompin the kid out. A local asian teen video taped it on his digital camera.
About 20 minutes later the police came and the stores near finish line kept their gates locked, only letting out people who had made it past the gate for autographs. Then the captain announced they wouldnt be singing anymore for "public safety".
After the f*ght I didnt see Spider Loc anymore or a membr of their entourage who had on 2 rose gold chains with iced out crosses, so I;'m guessing they were arrested.

SOURCE- Finish Line (Lynnhaven Mall, VA, Beach) 757-486-6958

Call and just ask, is this where there was a f*ght during the tony yayo autograph session" or somethin like that

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