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Eminem's Bad Guy, Trick Trick talks about his run-in with SUGE KNIGHT

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 08-17-2005, 06:59 AM         #1
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Leroy Brown 
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Eminem's Bad Guy, Trick Trick talks about his run-in with SUGE KNIGHT

August 2005

In this past weeks Real Detroit Weekly Trick Trick enlightened us on some of the wild and crazy things that have been taking place while on the road.. Not to mention he explains in detail on his run in with Death Row boss Suge Knight in Vegas...

For those that don't read or didn't get a chance to pick up last week's copy here you go for your reading pleasure..

Trick Trick's Tour of Duty
By Trick Trick

In all my years as an up-and-running recording artist the word “tour” always excited the hell out of me, until I did my own promo tour in ‘99 where hell took its own place on the road with us. Now here we are in 2005 and the word has returned. What word? … TOUR! What tour … Anger Management 3.

I can’t lie, I was a little nervous before leaving to do this tour because — as everyone probably knows — in ‘99 I had to demonstrate on a few MF’s across the country. But outside of the two T-shirt promoters in Atlanta, Suge Knight in LA and Vegas, and the fu#kin’ door security in West Palm Beach, this tour is by a long shot — the best. And as Eminem keeps reminding me, “There’s more to come.”

One of the many highlights is the party! Like no one else, Detroit takes over every club. We ball like no other. Attacking each after-party, blowing thousands like it ain’t sh1t — of course the women flock by the dozen — not only because we’re celebrities but they’re infatuated by the way we ball. Now as for Cindy Crawford and I … you figure it out. All I can say is Detroit playas rock the party.

Speaking of rock the party, while in Las Vegas Kid Rock dropped by to hang with us and if you didn’t know already, the man knows how to party. The big man Paul Rosenberg was giving a Shade 45 party hosted by Clinton Sparks and me, with special guest DJ Kid Rock. Detroit was definitely in the building! Going from room to room, suite to suite and party to party, it was now almost daylight. So what else is there to do?

Gamble — I almost forgot. So I go down to the casino part of the Palms Hotel, fresh out of Magnums, drunk as hell as a member of Runyon Ave. approaches me and informs me that Suge Knight was at a Black Jack table to my forward left. So me being me replied, “fu#k him!” I continued to grace the building, eyes c0cked like a pistol because Kid Rock served up Jim Beam … I decided I wanted to play Black Jack, a game where I ain’t ski1led at — at all. …“There’s a spot right next to Marion.” Go figure.

He left the table and summoned his bloods after a 10-second segment of ki1ler eye contact and no words. I decided that was enough of the eye game and it was time to see what was on his mind and that if we were going to tear this muthafu#ka up, let’s do it now! After the 6’3” tower of red extended his hand to the 6’3” tower of blue from Detroit, the understanding was solid. And that was that: There wasn’t going to be no gangsta sh1t poppin’ unless I was in it, so stand clear and let it be known that I will ride for these boys in here and neither of us wanted to go back to jail to battle murder 1 charges. Especially since the cameras are rollin’ and all eyes are on he and I. Make no mistake, if it’s that serious we can wild, wild west it and head to the desert! Buuuttt it was like 10 a.m. and after the sun start burning the ground here comes Dirty Harry Proof who told Suge to go fu#k himself, so all that sh1t just went out the window … but Suge declined the offer to go to war at 10 in the morning in the fu#king casino. Way to go Suge, the Anger Management thing is really workin’.

On another note: The opportunity to become personally acquainted with R&B bi#ches is plentiful, and since I’m known as the Bad Guy the good girls love me … And believe me, if there’s one thing Wonderboy has taught me, that’s “Get it!” So I’ve had my share of extra time with some of the finest bi#ches in the entertainment game. Detroit is in the Building!

And now the show …
Outside of the fact I personally believe 50 Cent is seriously taking advantage of this well-laid opportunity to promote the sh1t out of his latest GGGG G-Unit artist M.O.P. and the infamous Mob Deep, oh yeah I can’t forget Olivia — wit her s3xy a$s — they all put on a hell of a show. The wild sh1t is that I never would’ve known that all of the artists on this tour already knew who I was. They just couldn’t put the name with the face, even Yayo spoke of learning of my notorious existence from a DVD they watched in one of the many hoods of NY.

Also the gangsta from Cashville, TN — Young Buck, had put him up on game and let him know that I was lurking about the venue campus. Not to mention Lloyd Banks who has got to be one of the most laid back MFs I know … he remembered me from damn near choking the sh1t out of his old manager.

By far the best stage show I’ve ever laid eyes and ears on is none other than this Eminem set. Michael Jackson doesn’t care much for it, especially since the tour started in Indiana and Em always makes it a point to apologize and dog check the sh1t out of dirty Mike at the same time … classic! Em also uses this opportunity to promote Obie Trice and Stat Quo, both of whom take the stage together and definitely keep it hood, Detroit and the ATL together again. On this set I get a chance to see Proof, Kon Artist, Swifty, MC Vae, Kuniva and Bizarre perform like never before! With the anticipation of the “Welcome to Detroit” performance, this show is the #1 show of the decade!!!

For legal purposes I won’t comment on the activity of Em but you use your imagination and you might come up with the right idea. I can tell you this, Slim ain’t takin’ no prisoners! Oh yeah, he’s changing his name.




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