Jay =Best Rapper Alive – OK, Here’s 10 rappers that would eat him alive

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So Jay Is the GOD MC, but is he invincible on the MIC?
Yes 66 37.08%
No 112 62.92%
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 08-16-2005, 08:52 AM         #1
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Jay =Best Rapper Alive – OK, Here’s 10 rappers that would eat him alive

In a battle, True hip hop heads know this is how you determine who is the best, not record sales or how much money you got, lets take it back to the essence of the game.

Nas – Seen it before, dude would off with his head.

Ras Kass – I know Mr. Rass Kass would sh*t on the dude without a problem.

Common Sense – I Heard this dude, he can…

Ice Cube – He not in his prime right now, but you do it once you can do it again, there is no way Jay can k*ll this dude on wax

Chino XL – If you know you know, dude is very sick with it.

Immortal Technique –if you listen you would know

Canibus – Career has been rubbish, bad choices in every way but dude is so ill with the mic its crazy

Black Thought – Dude is an Mc’s MC, very underrated not many people know

Andre 3000 – another dude, they big but people aren’t listening to this dude

Rakim – This dude is dead serious with it, no product dropped in a while but ya know what this dude Is on the mic

any honorable mentions welcome


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