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The rock's workout routine and diet/supplements

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 The rock's workout routine and diet/supplements
Old 11 years agoclass of '04 - away - #1
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hickster  space
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I got this from the BXWF so if ur gonna prop anyone prop Banxxx b4 me if ur gonna prop at all...1

Day One - Shoulders
-Seated Military Press Machine-Sets(3)-Reps(21)-Weight(130,140,150)
-Dumbbell Lateral Raise-Sets(3)-Reps(8)-Weight(30)
compound-set with-
-Dumbbell Front Raise-Sets(3)-Reps(8)-Weight(30)
-Rear-Dealt Cable Raise-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,6,4)-Weight(40-80)
-Hammer Strength Machine Shrug-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,6,4)-Weight(90-450)
-Four Way Neck Machine-Sets(4)-Reps(12)-Weight(45)
He finishes with neck isolation moves on a flat bench.

Day Two - Back
-Wide-Grip Cable Pull Down-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,6,4)-Weight(120-240)
-Close-Grip Cable Pull Down-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,6,4)-Weight(120-240)
-One-Arm seated Row Machine-Sets(4)-Reps(12)-Weight(270)
-Back Extension-Sets(4)-Reps(15,15,12,12)-Weight(25-45)

Day Three - Legs
-Leg Press*-Sets(4)-Reps(25,20,18,16/25)-Weight(270-450)
-Machine-Smith Lunge**-Sets(4)-Reps(8 reps per leg)-Weight(135)
-Lying Leg Curl***-Sets(4)-Reps(12,10,8,6/12)-Weight(80-110)
-Standing Calf Raise-Sets(6)-Reps(16)-Weight(220)
*Last Set is a drop from 450 to 270
**Non-Counterbalanced Machine
***Last set is a drop set from 110-80 pounds

Day Four - Arms
-Alternating dumbbell curl-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,6,4)-Weight(30-70)
-Preacher-Machine Curl*-Sets(6)-Reps(12,10,8,6,21,21)-Weight(50-100,50)
-Cable Pressdown**-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,20)-Weight(60-120)
-Overhead Cable Extension-Sets(4)-Reps(12,10,8,20)-Weight(50-90)
-One-Arm Reverse-Grip Pressdown-Sets(2)-Reps(15,15)-Weight(40)
*Last two sets are 21's- 7 upper-half partial reps- 7 lower-half partial reps and 7 full range reps
**Straight bar or rope- last set a drop set

Day Four - Chest
-Incline Dumbbell Press-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,6,4)-Weight(75-120)
-Flat Bench Dumbbell Press-Sets(5)-Reps(12,10,8,6,4)-Weight(75-120)
-Cable Crossover-Sets(2)-Reps(12)-Weight(60 per side)
compound-set with

The Rock works his abdominals twice per week, doing Swish-ball crunches for four sets, 25 reps each, holding a weight against his chest


Sample Low Carb Day

Meal One-Meal replacement shake (40 grams protein, 25 grams carbs, 5 grams fat)
Meal Two- 6 ounces of turkey, 5 egg whites, and 2 multigrain pancakes with one tablespoon of natual peanut butter.
Meal Three-Chicken Caeser Salad, 6 ounces New York strip steak, and a half-cup of steamed broccoli.
Meal Four- 2 filet mignon steaks, and a half-cup of steamed broccoli.
Meal Five-Protein shake with peanut butter.
Meal Six-Sashimi feast (tuna, shrimp, eel yellowfish, salmon)

Daily Nutritional Priorities

- Eat at least 270 grams of protein per day (at a body weight of 265)
- Drop daily carbohydrate intake in the late afternoon and early evening.
- Consume at leasr 2-3 gallons of water per day.
- Daily supplementation includes multivitimans, antioxidants, joint formulations, ZMA and glutamine
- Once a week have a cheat day. The Rock's cheat day is all about doughnuts and pizza- and diet coke, which he jokingly says "balances out" all the fat calories from his favorite cheat foods. "One of my many mottos is, "Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself," he adds.

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Old 08-10-2005, 11:56 AMclass of -  - #2
97CivicBoy  space
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dont follow that sh*t, make ur own with alotta compund movements, and a strict diet comeon
Old 08-10-2005, 12:41 PMclass of -  - #3
Daddy's Home...  space
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So he does more sets for the tiny shoulders than that huge, complex back...?

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