Aug 8 - White Mob Beats Black man with Bats and Iron Pipe

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 14 years ago '05        #101
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 brothermanifest said
historically it is the case, and the fact is whites whooping white folks a*s is somethign I applaud-I am like finally got damn after all this time we are starting to get the picture. fu*ka cracker up if he act wrong fu*k em up, dont be scared, sh*t for 500 years of slavery the sh*t happening today is a pinch in the arm.

You twisting sh*t out of proportion just because a black person fu*ks up a white boy doesnt make it racially motivated. sh*t on the real most of the time is it not. But the issues we vamping on right now is racially motivated so what you gonna say about it. If a white boy call me out wrong, the nat turner in me is gonna flare up-I swear to god...I wish a he would...Let me get some of this repressed rage out.

I aint never seen no black mob lynch no white folks. Or a black man burn a white church, of a black mob run up on a white surburb and tear it down (Rosewood-Tulsa)
fu*k white folks, it is divine retribution if you get an a*s whipping, for all the bullsh*t ya'll ancestors did._the sins of the father...
Your full of sh*t. Your like most of these other motherfu*kers on the internet. You'll talk all this sh*t online but you wouldn't say that sh*t to anyones face. Your just one of those black guys that thinks that he's the sh*t until he runs into the wrong white boy. Then you'll complain that the only reason that he or they whooped your a*s is because they are racist. I've seen that sh*t many times.

Back to the topic, folks have to realize that they have to stay away from certain neighborhoods. sh*t's sad but that's the way it is.

 08-17-2005, 12:07 AM         #102
jdubb4eva  OP
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 HumanCrakk said
there is no way its a hate crime the dude prolly fu*ked with the mobb or gave them attitude so they beat him up its the way sh*t goes these days

^^^that is some dumb a*s sh*t to say who the fukk would fukk with a MOB of people? 1 person messin with a GROUP of angry people.smh

 14 years ago '05        #103
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 A~team said
thats why a n*gga always has to have a heater on him
trust me...all them muthafu*kaz woulda got it
.....2005 and mofos still on that dumb sh*t

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