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Aug 4 - 50 Mocks Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Game, Nas In 'Piggy Bank' Video

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Aug 4 - 50 Mocks Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Game, Nas In 'Piggy Bank' Video



For a record considered to be just a warning shot, 50 Cent's "Piggy Bank" continues to have the largest ripple effect of any rap song this year. Last week Nas finally responded to the cut, and this week 50 issued a video mixtape that includes a full-length clip for the song.

The video is animated and starts with three boys walking down "Beaver Street" when one of them stops at an arcade. The kid is infatuated with a game called "Rapper Knockout," which stars 50 Cent as a ring king beating opponents to a pulp. The video then takes a look inside the video game as 50 squares off against Fat Joe. The animated Joe is afraid to go the ring at first, and gets pummeled when he finally enters.

The same fate holds true for an animated Jadakiss, which Fif imagines dressed up like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle — complete with Raphael's red mask and a slice of pizza — wearing a belt with a buckle that says "Jada."

Later, 50 depicts Game as a Mr. Potato Head doll with a "Wankster" headband and Cassidy as a young kid wearing a pink hoodie with "I'm a Hustla" embroidered on it. Ca$s gets punched in the stomach by two kids. In a separate scene, another kid is seen wearing Superman's tights and cape while running down the street. Instead of the Man of Steel's S, he has a red logo of Nas' name on his chest and is chasing a "Milkshake" truck before jumping at the vehicle and falling flat on his face.

"Piggy Bank" is one of 21 videos slated to be included in a special-edition reissue of The Massacre, which is due on September 6 (see "50 Says He Doesn't Have Beef With Game"). Fif has made a video for every song on his album (the original version of "Outta Control" will be replaced with the Mobb Deep remix) including "Gunz Come Out," in which plenty of heavy artillery will be brandished, and "In My Hood," which shows Fif waking through the neighborhood.

50 continues to travel the country as part of the Anger Management 3 Tour (see "Eminem, 50, Lil Jon, G-Unit, D12 Team Up For Anger Management 3 Tour This Summer"). He'll perform for the first time at Madison Square Garden in his hometown on Monday and Tuesday.

For more on 50 Cent, be sure to check out exclusive excerpts from his upcoming autobiography, "From Pieces To Weight."

— Shaheem Reid

 http://www.mtv.com/news/a .. headlines=true


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