Mixtape questions- Copyright, Distrubution etc..

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Mixtape questions- Copyright, Distrubution etc..

Hi, I guess some of these questions might sound stupid but props for anyone who can help!
1. Do the artists give permission to be on these mixtapes? Are these tracks copyright? Do they know they are on all these mixtapes?
2. I read that these mixtapes are free and your just paying for the cd and 0.1c for the sticker on the cover? Can someone explain this and if your giving out the music for free does that make it lega?
3. How does the DJ hosting the mixtape benefit from the mixtape being out? Do people pay him? Or is it just to get his name out? If the DJ is already big why continue putting out free mixtapes?
4. What type of stores are mixtapes sold in NY? What about South mixtapes where are they sold? Do they get played in clubs?
5. I heard some DJ's get their exclusives from places like Boxden LOL, Is this true and does the Dj just mix mp3s and make a mixtape?
6. Places like mixunit and mixtape kings how are they affilated with the mixtapes and how do they get profit from mixtapes? Is it just from shipping?
7. So could basically anyone just download new mp3s and chuck that sh*t on a mixtape and press it up and sell that as mixtape?

Props for any help as long as this thread goes for!


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