Jul 25 - Nas fires back

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Jul 25 - Nas fires back


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The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

You knew it was going come, you just didn't know when. Nas played chess and kept everyone guessing for months as to when he would respond to getting called out on 50 Cent's "Piggy Bank." A new track labeled "MC Burial" just hit Internet, and on it God's Son unleashes his fury on the folks who've been mentioning him unfavorably.

"N---as don't want beef, they vegetarians," Nas insists on the opening verse. And while he doesn't mention 50 by name, several lines imply he's going at the G-Unit general.

"They say Jada defeated them, Joe's too street for him/ What's next? I guess it's for Nas to ether him.

"You's a sucker for death if I'm a sucker for love," he continues. "Scared of me so you talk about family members like I can't point out your grandma, n---a."

Nas has been telling everyone that his next LP is going to be called The NASDAQ Dow Jones, however his label said there's no official title yet. Nas is well into the recording process and his LP should be out this year.

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