Puffy and Tigger Gay?

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 07-19-2005, 06:22 PM         #1
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Puffy and Tigger Gay?

i dont know if somethin like this has been posted in here yet but check...
this is from a "reliable source" to superhead... that video vixen bi*ch, but peep

Dear Superhead ....
> Superhead and $$$$....
> She is broke and there is no $7M book deal. You made
> $50,000 and of
> that you had to pay the writer damn near $7,000. Just
> because you told
> the white boys in Hollywood you're fu*king that
> they're safe (not in your
> book) don't mean they're going to look out for you in
> the game.
> Thanks to your big a*s mouth, no man (especially
> married) in his right
> mind is going to give you a chance to do
> nothing....not even suck his
> d*ck anymore. Sweetie chicks like you are not to be
> trusted AT ALL under
> no circumstance.
> Now you and Papa....
> Papa is definitely Method Man. YES his wife is furious
> because she's
> known about you for years now. When will it stop Meth?
> Stop getting on
> the radio lying like you don't know nothing. To those
> who know the truth,
> you seem stupid as fu*k.
> Give it up babe and take care of your kid.
> Now Superhead as far as you and Usher ....
> You can always tell when a lover is scorned when you
> write a tell all.
> So what you was upset with Usher because after ya'll
> hung out and
> sucked his d*ck one day, he left and went into
> another room to fu*k a semi-well known actor/rapper's
> girlfriend? Upset
> and bitter, hmmmm
> you contact the actor/raper and tells the about the
> affair thats DRAMA.
> Now the actor/rapper is gunning for Usher. DAMN!
> Superhead you going to
> get yourself and a lot of other people fu*ked up
> before the year is
> out.
> Bac the fuc up!
> But DAYUM Tigger...
> Yup that news was true. Tigga was fu*king with dudes
> and chicks. Word
> is, his latest lover is Tyson..... bet you did not
> know that HUH ......
> Puffy yah him too....
> I know you may have already suspected that, but he is
> one of the boys
> too. I would give details but you know he have people
> lurking already
> and if I say something my identity will be exposed. Be
> patient, time
> will tell. Not everything Wendy Williams say are ALL
> lies.
> By the way ..... LisaRaye & Will and Jada ....
> A while back Will asked Jada if he could have s*x with
> LisaRaye. "Only
> if I could get in on the action", Jada said. Will,
> Jada and LisaRaye
> had a few threesomes in which a $1M house was
> purchased on behalf of the
> couple hmmmm. With little to no acting talents how did
> you think she
> got that HUGE house on Cribs? How do you think she
> landed the role on All
> of Us?
> Obviously the Smiths was impressed by her bedside
> skills to treat her
> like a queen but you would know what that feel like
> would you??.
> You want to talk gossip and start sh*t well how bout
> this .....
> Mike Epps.... Get off the white horse before you ruin
> your career.
> Nia Long.....Stop trying to have your agent sabotage
> other leading
> actresses careers you can get ahead. If your running
> mate is on drugs or
> have a habit not being on-time to work, let the big
> man take care of
> that. Sit>your a*s down and let your TALENT do the
> talking for you. Karmas
> a>muthafu*ker. And you wonder why you're auditioning
> but nothing is
> through for you. What goes around comes around.
> Superhead baby it aint
> just you ...... aiight
> Toya


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