East Coast rappers suck

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 07-14-2005, 10:41 AM         #1
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East Coast rappers suck

East Coast rappers just suck to me. First they dont talk bout nothin and have some sorry a*s beats that wont make nobody move. Jay Z is suppose to be the best? Get the fu*k outta here. T.I rips Jay Z. T.I stays on subject. Thats why im not liking Weezy now, cause hes tryin to rap like yall east coast cats. Weezy aint talkin bout a god damn thing no more, he can not stay on subject because he wants to be like yall sorry a*ses that cant sell no record. He wants to be all lyrical, and that sh*t dont move me. Yea yall might be good with words but sh*t talk about something. Jeezy might not be all lyrical but the n*gga talks about something that ppl want to hear. I do not want to hear Jay say he's the God of rap in every song. Only thing Jay has is longevity. But the east coast music wont sell sh*t nomore unless they go get a southern n*gga to wreck it somewhere. Maybe yall need to step it up a lil bit start writing books or something and leave rap alone, cause we got this here. The only ppl yall have thats makin any noise is, n*ggas from the former ROC, 50, Fab, Fat Joe, and one of my fav Jadakiss and his crew. Im diggin most of these n*ggas though. They know if you cant beat em join em. All these n*ggas big now because they fu*ks with the south. We have an arsenal of artist coming from just ATL alone.


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