Jul 13 - GAME Apologises Again.....Says He's Sorry About G-Unit Beef.

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Jul 13 - GAME Apologises Again.....Says He's Sorry About G-Unit Beef.

Is it just me or is this guy transforming into a bi*ch before our very eyes??

The Game grovels again
Last updated 12 July 2005

The Game

How's this for a grovelling apology? 50 Cent's prodigy, The Game, has come out and said he's ashamed at having another go at 50 after the pair decided to call a truce.

In March the rival rappers held a press conference to say their beef with each other was over.

But then The Game piped up again while on tour last month.

Now he says he's embarrassed for going back on his word to set a positive example to fans:

"I am very upset with myself, and ashamed, to have participated in the things that have been going on."

"I'm definitely not the person who started it."

"I had my back against the wall and was forced to defend myself - I'm ashamed and am really apologetic."

"When I say it I say it with the sincerity of my heart and also with my grandmother who passed right after I graduated from high school."

"She was the only person in my life at that time who ever believed I'd be anything."

"I'm looking forward to a more positive and productive future.

 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radi .. 2_50cent.shtml


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