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Gloria Velez exposing the sh1t out of Joe Budden - Poor Joe

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 07-07-2005, 03:34 AM         #1
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@ 03:34 AM 07-07-2005 Gloria Velez exposing the sh1t out of Joe Budden - Poor Joe

BallerStatus.net: I'm curious, like how much were you getting paid to be in those videos like Ja Rule's "Holla, Holla," and Jay- Z's "Big Pimpin'?"

Gloria Velez: I got paid no more than $2,000. [Usually] $1500 to $2,000, including airfare, the clothes and of course hair and makeup. You got to be smart about it; you got to spend no money, and make sure [the companies are] spending the money. Now girls don't get paid nothing, because they want the exposure. Damn, if they get $500, that's a lot to them.

BallerStatus.net: I interviewed Joe Budden a couples weeks ago, and asked if he thought you were a good rapper, and he said he could care less about your rapping but admitted that you were great on the mic in a figurative sense. What do you have to say about him or to him?

Gloria Velez: I call him the ***** rapper, and just like he said quote him, you can quote me. That's what I call him.

BallerStatus.net: Why is that?

Gloria Velez: He's *****; he can't even go into his own hood. He's not his own man; he let his boys run his life. That's why his career is all f--ked. He's talented, I'm not no hater. He can rap, but he has no (umph) to him. His personality is boring; he's dull. To me, he's just a wack dude. The only reason why I even f--ked with him is because I was going through a lot of sh-t in my life at the time. That's when my ex-boyfriend went to jail, my dad passed away last year -- I was going through it. I had a place up in New Jersey, and I was back in forth from Jersey and Florida, doing my music, just doing a lot of things, just on my grind. My ex-man lived out there, [Joe Budden] happened to be there, and I thought he was at least a friend ? somebody I thought I could lean on. But hell no, that ni--a tried to use me for exposure, like a trophy. To show him that I was truly his friend -- because he had f--ked up surroundings -- I was like cool, we could be seen together, no problem.

When I did the "All Access DVD," they were interviewing me not him. They were asking questions, and he was saying little comments behind the scenes -- they edited a lot of sh-t out though. That's why when he came from behind the camera, he was asking me who I am pounding -- who am I sleeping with. He starting mentioning names, knowing that I'm f--king sleeping with him. He just wanted people to know that we were sleeping together, so he could have f--king brownie hood points because ni--as ain't respecting his stupid ass. I was like, "Yeah, only you hitting it, what the f--k you trying to prove? I'm teaching you how to eat c00chie." He tried to get ruthless and I flipped it on him, like he's my jump-off, I'm teaching him. He ain't all that! And he kept saying I'm the best...get the f--k out of here you little boy. I had to really wake up, I really wasn't focused. When you going through a lot of sh-t, your vision is blurry. He was a mistake; we all make mistakes and I just moved passed that.

I did part 2 on "All Access DVD Volume 9," and I play a recording of Joe Budden singing, saying "I love you baby, I want to make love," and they put the words on the screen. People always ask me what the f--k did I see in that dude, and I'm like, "Nothing, I just thought he was a good friend and we happened to have s3x." I thought he was a good person; he's not even his own friend. He needs help; he needs Jesus in his life for real. I don't even consider him an acquaintance, let's put it that way. I don't f--k with dude at all.

BallerStatus.net: Yeah, sometimes it's a double standard. Girls can say the same thing about guys, like you said he was your jump-off.

Gloria Velez: I ain't calling him a hoe; I know he's a hoe. He was the one that was cheating and doing all his bullsh-t. Remember the "Confessions Remix" he did with Usher? There was a controversy [with that] because he said that a groupie girl was pregnant and a girl was about to leave him. That was like semi true. This groupie girl that he was sleeping with was f--king pregnant, and I was his girl at the time. I read his 2-way and he tried to say that was about his boy, but that wasn't the case with him. I was like, "Get the f--k out of here. Do I look stupid to you?" Long story short, when I saw him again, I was like, "Listen it's over. I don't feel nothing for you. You do nothing for me as in mentally, physically, emotionally -- nothing." He drained me more; he was a really depressed person. He's really Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde too, like my Baby's father (Aarron Hall). It's disgusting; I choose the wrong men for real. When I told him that I had no feelings for him, he got upset and jumped me. We started fighting; we was fighting from the front seat to the back seat. I had bruises all over my arms and my legs. He even tried to steal from me. He tried to steal my phone, and he ripped my Clover G chain off, and he took my video camera. Then I called the cops and they said that if he pressed charges and
I press charges, we would both go to jail. So I ain't press charges and he ain't press charges, but he still went to jail because he was on probation for hitting his baby's mother. He was just a f--cking nuisance


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