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Jul 6 - Gloria Velez Interview Says Budden Is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & A Depressed Person

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Jul 6 - Gloria Velez Interview Says Budden Is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & A Depressed Person

Gloria Velez is much more than just eye candy, she's a hustler; ask about her. On this humid Saturday night in NYC's Club Exit, the New York City native and Florida resident is the heart of the party, the center of attention, but it's more than just her big bo0bs popping out of her white top that draws people to her. It's her kindness, playful nature and beautiful smile that is winning over this hip-hop journalist and keeping those around her in good spirits.

Glory -- her rap moniker -- is far from being stuck up, as she is as polite with me as she is when rapper-turned-Reggeaton hitmaker N.O.R.E. comes into the circle to embrace her. The beautiful 26 year-old Puerto Rican thugstress is as down to earth as you could expect from a female who is used to being hit on from multimillionaire athletes and rappers alike. Though she's been through a lot in the last couple years including the death of her father, and seeing her ex-boyfriend go to jail, Gloria is remaining focused on things that matter most in her life -- her family and her career.

In this exclusive Ballerstautus.net interview, she candidly discusses how her relationship turned sour with Joe Budden, reveals her feelings towards Melyssa Ford and Vida Guerra, and explains just how she plans on making the tr@nsition from video girl to the first ever platinum Latina rapper. Buckle up, Ms. Velez got a story to tell.

BallerStatus.net: So what your schedule like? Because the people want to know.

Gloria Velez: If not working, I'm with my son. I'm really family oriented -- my son, my mother and my brothers.

BallerStatus.net: That sounds cool, what about your 9 to 5?

Gloria Velez: I never have a 9 to 5; my 9 to 5 is my family. I cook, I clean, I take my son to school, I do family things; I am very family oriented.

BallerStatus.net: You think that's going to sound s3xy to the teenagers and guys in jail who pick up the magazine to see you?

Gloria Velez: Yes, because that's s3xy to me. When they see me cleaning, that's s3xy; when you see me cooking, that a s3xy motherf--kin' thing; when you see me playing basketball with my son and riding bikes, that's s3xy to me. It's all depends on how you look at it.

BallerStatus.net: I didn't think about it from that angle.

Gloria Velez: Exactly, it makes a ni--a think she's an all around bi#ch. I could do it all. I could be gangster, I could be sweet, I could be cute, and I could be a thug like ni--a -- I'll throw down with you too.

BallerStatus.net: Ok, so how you make your dough?

Gloria Velez: Damn, so personal, just kidding. I do a lot of shows without an album deal, without a single, I perform. I do a lot of hosting: fashion shows, television shows, and parties. I also do photo shoots; I get paid to do a lot of photo shoots. Right now, I am negotiating a lot of different endorsement deals. I am the spokes model of the blunt; you know they have different smells and tastes of the blunt, World Blunts. I also got j3welry coming out, and I got my own reality show coming out too. I am not going to say with who because the contract is not signed on the dotted line, but it's basically almost signed. I got a lot of things on the table; I'm definitely doing more magazines, I got a couple more covers coming out. I just be grinding.

BallerStatus.net: I'm curious, like how much were you getting paid to be in those videos like Ja Rule's "Holla, Holla," and Jay- Z's "Big Pimpin'?"

Gloria Velez: I got paid no more than $2,000. [Usually] $1500 to $2,000, including airfare, the clothes and of course hair and makeup. You got to be smart about it; you got to spend no money, and make sure [the companies are] spending the money. Now girls don't get paid nothing, because they want the exposure. Damn, if they get $500, that's a lot to them.

BallerStatus.net: Is that why you stopped doing it, because the pay wasn't good enough? Because you said you haven't done a video since Jagged Edge's "Where the Party at," like four years ago.

Gloria Velez: No, I ain't want them putting me in a box, like I'm just a video girl, and that's all I am going to be. It was a stepping stone, and I got off that stepping stone and moved on to the next.

BallerStatus.net: I interviewed Joe Budden a couples weeks ago, and asked if he thought you were a good rapper, and he said he could care less about your rapping but admitted that you were great on the mic in a figurative sense. What do you have to say about him or to him?

Gloria Velez: I call him the pu$$y rapper, and just like he said quote him, you can quote me. That's what I call him.

BallerStatus.net: Why is that?

Gloria Velez: He's pu$$y; he can't even go into his own hood. He's not his own man; he let his boys run his life. That's why his career is all f--ked. He's talented, I'm not no hater. He can rap, but he has no (umph) to him. His personality is boring; he's dull. To me, he's just a wack dude. The only reason why I even f--ked with him is because I was going through a lot of sh-t in my life at the time. That's when my ex-boyfriend went to jail, my dad passed away last year -- I was going through it. I had a place up in New Jersey, and I was back in forth from Jersey and Florida, doing my music, just doing a lot of things, just on my grind. My ex-man lived out there, [Joe Budden] happened to be there, and I thought he was at least a friend – somebody I thought I could lean on. But hell no, that ni--a tried to use me for exposure, like a trophy. To show him that I was truly his friend -- because he had f--ked up surroundings -- I was like cool, we could be seen together, no problem.

When I did the "All Access DVD," they were interviewing me not him. They were asking questions, and he was saying little comments behind the scenes -- they edited a lot of sh-t out though. That's why when he came from behind the camera, he was asking me who I am pounding -- who am I sleeping with. He starting mentioning names, knowing that I'm f--king sleeping with him. He just wanted people to know that we were sleeping together, so he could have f--king brownie hood points because ni--as ain't respecting his stupid ass. I was like, "Yeah, only you hitting it, what the f--k you trying to prove? I'm teaching you how to eat c00chie." He tried to get ruthless and I flipped it on him, like he's my jump-off, I'm teaching him. He ain't all that! And he kept saying I'm the best...get the f--k out of here you little boy. I had to really wake up, I really wasn't focused. When you going through a lot of sh-t, your vision is blurry. He was a mistake; we all make mistakes and I just moved passed that.

I did part 2 on "All Access DVD Volume 9," and I play a recording of Joe Budden singing, saying "I love you baby, I want to make love," and they put the words on the screen. People always ask me what the f--k did I see in that dude, and I'm like, "Nothing, I just thought he was a good friend and we happened to have s3x." I thought he was a good person; he's not even his own friend. He needs help; he needs Jesus in his life for real. I don't even consider him an acquaintance, let's put it that way. I don't f--k with dude at all.

BallerStatus.net: Yeah, sometimes it's a double standard. Girls can say the same thing about guys, like you said he was your jump-off.

Gloria Velez: I ain't calling him a h0e; I know he's a h0e. He was the one that was cheating and doing all his bullsh-t. Remember the "Confessions Remix" he did with Usher? There was a controversy [with that] because he said that a groupie girl was pregnant and a girl was about to leave him. That was like semi true. This groupie girl that he was sleeping with was f--king pregnant, and I was his girl at the time. I read his 2-way and he tried to say that was about his boy, but that wasn't the case with him. I was like, "Get the f--k out of here. Do I look stupid to you?" Long story short, when I saw him again, I was like, "Listen it's over. I don't feel nothing for you. You do nothing for me as in mentally, physically, emotionally -- nothing." He drained me more; he was a really depressed person. He's really Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde too, like my Baby's father (Aarron Hall). It's disgusting; I choose the wrong men for real. When I told him that I had no feelings for him, he got upset and jumped me. We started fighting; we was fighting from the front seat to the back seat. I had bruises all over my arms and my legs. He even tried to steal from me. He tried to steal my phone, and he ripped my Clover G chain off, and he took my video camera. Then I called the cops and they said that if he pressed charges and
I press charges, we would both go to jail. So I ain't press charges and he ain't press charges, but he still went to jail because he was on probation for hitting his baby's mother. He was just a f--cking nuisance.

BallerStatus.net: Why do you think you have so much trouble with men?

Gloria Velez: I have no idea. I am still trying to figure that out. I just choose the wrong men.

BallerStatus.net: I am sure one day you'll find the right guy, if you haven't already. Matter of fact, are you single now?

Gloria Velez: I'm very much single.


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