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Lapdance by N.E.R.D was produce for nas. But pharrell never had the chance to give it to him.

Big Pun's verse for banned from TV was accidentally laid down, because during the recording session he snuck in & laid a verse. But N.O.R.E liked it so much he decided to keep it.

The beat for that song is actually looped. Because all the artist who heard it, wouldn't let the original part finish. So swizz just looped it.

Nature also wrote his verse in less than 5 mintues.

The vocals you hear for "Jigga, My n*gga'' on the chorus are actually done by Eve.

Swizz is originally from Atlanta.

Sticky Fingaz & Freddo Star come African American & Asian backgrounds.

Miguel is black & Mexican.

DMX wasn't fond of RR anthem when he first heard it.

During the No Way Out Tour Jadakiss developed gambling habit. It got so bad, when the biggie tribute came on, he would rush out of dice game to lay his verse only end up falling on stage during the process.

Sheek & Styles had to talk jada out of going down to hot 97 & shooting up the place. While beans & state property was on air dissing them. He claims that's maddest he's ever been, to the point where he was crying.

 2 months ago '13        #1892
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 YoSoyFiesta said
About Big Pun supposedly hitting Jay-Z over the head with a bottle..

So here's some backstory, I'm from Boston but my fam is originally from the Bronx and I have an uncle who still lived out there while I was growing up so I used to go to his crib on Fox Ave in the South Bx every year from 99-07. In 01' or 02' I remember leaving the crib with my uncle to go to the movies or some sh*t and there was this Puerto Rican dude just kinda posted on the block and my Unc for some reason was mad excited to introduce me to him, so he introduces me and tells me how this dude used to run with Pun & Joe & the rest of Terror Squad but as soon as we walk away my Unc tells me "that niqqa right there smashed a Cristal bottle over Jay-Z's head in the club, left him bloody in VIP." I was like 11 years old so I was like oh sh*t for real? My Unc confirmed and I never thought that this knowledge would be useful but here I am lol.

So basically, I'm not sure Big Pun did it himself or the niqqa I met in 02' did it, either way it seems like Jigga got roughed up by some Rican niqqas from the Bronx.

Thought the story went it was Lance "Un" Riveria?

 2 months ago '18        #1893
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 LBoogie2122 said

-Rza and k!llah Sin and another fam member went to see 50 perform after How To Rob and 50 got wind of them being there and dipped backstage and didn't perform, I have heard this one several times.

-Redman Smacked Prodigy around the time Hell On Earth was out b/c he was dissing Keith and Def Squad.

-A member of Wu got jumped at Suge's club in Las Vegas and Pac didn't like the way it went down and told Suge to squash the beef and he agreed outta respect.

*****EDIT*****I thought it was keith that snuffed P out in front of his people at the Tunnel.(shrugs)

-When Nas came to Boston around 94/95 somebody in RSO Crew (possibly Benzino) walked up to Nas and sonned him by knocking his baseball cap off of his head.

-Freddie Foxxx went to Landspeed records like 200 deep in order to get the money they owed him.

-Kool Herc was shot around 78 or something.

-Grandmaster Caz wrote Rappers Delight.

-Pharrel use to carry records around for Teddy Riley.

-Benzino forced Mays to give him part ownership of the source. There are legends of Benzino and his people tying up Mays in his own closet.

-Benzino actually one of the main reasons why Boston had such a small homicide rate in the late 90's, the Feds put UC's on every block and had a lot crazy ish going on so Benzino got a lot of the heads of the bigger gangs together to unite so that not everyone get locked up. That saw the murder lessen and the Boston police taken credit for "doing away with crime in a big city".

-Freddie Foxxx did put Benzino in check on tour with the Flava Unit. Benzino was acting up and Foxxx pulled something out.

-The entire city of Boston was blacklisted back in the day by the industry due to crowds and Boston rappers and thugs attending shows just to cause problems. Every rapper from Audio Two to Biggie had either a bottle smashed across their head on stage or their show cancelled due to a shooting. To this day very few rappers do shows in the Boston hoods because of it.

-MF Grimm was not only suppose to be on Live at the BBQ, but his joint with Kool G Rap or 4, 5, 6 was suppose to be the lead single but he was arrested again and G Rap went with the joint with Nas.

-Grimm also admitted that he came in third at the World Supremecy battle in 93, losing to SuperNat who won but that he was also involved in a shooting earlier in the day.

-Mf Grimm was held on trial for the murder of a cop.

-Everyone in CashMoney has done at least 2 years in prison I believe.

-A boston beatboxer by the name of A-Train is said to have beaten BizMarkie, Dana Dane, and K-solo in a battle back in 88.

-Jay-z was told by Scarface to change Reasonable Doubt because he actually named names of dealers.

-Fat Joe gave Guru a place to live for awhile.

-Guru didnt leave boston in the best of terms which is why the early of stages of his carrear boston did not play a big part. Gang Starr originally started in Boston and had a few emcees in it. Guru left for NY and took the name without people knowing.

-Rakim was still in high school when paid in full dropped.

-JT the bigga Figga returned Nas chain to him when it got stolen in cali

-suge beating the sh*t out of snoop's/ dre homies cause they were using that phone that harry o had an exclusive phone line... and the dudes saying saying to suge "hey we roll wit dr. dre"! first sign of dre holding no weight

-LL Cool J was cool with Alpo and many other rappers had drug ties then.

-Tupac did have some of his enemies k!lled.

-Eazy-E was from a very middle class family so was Ice cube they weren't thugs

-Some people in death Row got r*ped in the building.

-Suge doesnt like game because he expose some of death Row business (stuff about Harry-O) and because he is not really blood.

-The reason Sheek wasn't around much after LOX split from Bad boy cause he was clearing up cases he had.

-The real reason Mase left hip hop & Harlem is because of heavy extortion, not an epiphany from god
Who did pac have k!lled apart from stretch?

 2 months ago '17        #1894
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Why did lil cease say he rocked with Eminem in letter to B.I.G.?

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