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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

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 15 years ago '05        #1576
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when Dr.Dre left Death Row and starting his new label it was gonna be called Black Market Records but Brotha Lynch Hung already had the name, so Dre tried to buy it off him but he was asking for too much so he named his label Aftermath

also signed to Aftermath in 97 was the rapper The Last Emperor

 01-27-2009, 04:07 PM         #1577
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All interesting...lol

 15 years ago '06        #1578
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heres mine:

At the end of Hit Em Up, when Tupac is screaming insults at everyone, he calls out Jay Z, but one of the Outlaw Immortalz convinces him that Jay hasn't done enough to be called out, so Pac removes the insults from the track. Thats why at the end of Hit Em Up when Pac is screaming theres a long pause, because thats where the Jay Z diss was

 15 years ago '06        #1579
ehizzy3  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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i wonder how much of this thread is bullsh*t?

 02-22-2009, 12:31 AM         #1580
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 Lex Lossis said
then why ppl claimin Ghost did it?
he talks about it in one of his songs 'malcolm' on supreme clientele.. people probably misconstrued his lyrics and thought he was talking about himself

 15 years ago '05        #1581
EL Smoothz 
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just some sh*t i heard from my boy thats in the industry...
-nicole from the pus*ycat dolls used to fu*k jimmy iovine
-michael jackson owns a bulk of eminem's publishing
-the reason camron switched up his style is because in his contract with Untertainment his past style belonged to the label and if he left the label his style stayed behind, thus the "okie dokie rollie pollie" style we hear now

 15 years ago '08        #1582
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 Big Shaq said
what is the name of the song
Live at the barbeque

 15 years ago '05        #1583
THEINFAMOUS  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Es0_puka said
he talks about it in one of his songs 'malcolm' on supreme clientele.. people probably misconstrued his lyrics and thought he was talking about himself
He says "I Sham punched Mase in his fce over some bull shyt" i th0t he did it too
 EL Smoothz said
just some sh*t i heard from my boy thats in the industry...
-nicole from the pus*ycat dolls used to fu*k jimmy iovine
-michael jackson owns a bulk of eminem's publishing
-the reason camron switched up his style is because in his contract with Untertainment his past style belonged to the label and if he left the label his style stayed behind, thus the "okie dokie rollie pollie" style we hear now
How can a record contract own your STYLE WTF

 15 years ago '08        #1584
The N 
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^Rap is like wrestling, the label( wrestling boss) owns the gimmick the wrestler(the rapper) uses.

 15 years ago '04        #1585
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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 pr2008 said
snoop claims crip, but never caught a case till he started rapping. was approached by suge at an award show around the time of their beef, snoop stood his ground. has a rep of being bogus to fans.
Snoop went to jail before chronic dropped. he was in county, documented. even Kokane confirmed it when ruthless n deathrow were beefin

 15 years ago '04        #1586
youngmic  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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the song runnin feat 2pac, edi, kadafi, kastro, prince ital joe, biggie n big stretch have 5 people who have died later on(pac, biggie, stretch, prince ital joe, kadafi)....sad s**t but true..

 15 years ago '05        #1587
THEINFAMOUS  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 nation said
i can't believe most of them... not cause they're outrageous though

believe half of what you see, none of what you hear
 killaaj said
Thank u cause all this is is he say she say....
about cam being soft when he was mase muscle for years.... He was the one really from the streets... And jim jones is not no way sweet.... He a real n1gga too.... I been in harlem and either i see them or i hear about them....

 15 years ago '08        #1588
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Jay-Z Did Not GEt Hit With A Bottle By Big Pun. It Was A Member Of Jay-Zs Crew. He's Cuzin Or His Friends Cuzin. Something Of That Sort. The Story Got Twisted Down The Line.

 15 years ago '08        #1589
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 stitch said
BTW... Eminem used to be a HUGE ICP fan. He even showed up to a few shows rocking a Juggalo painted face. No lie. If you don't at least believe that Em was on ICP's nuts listen to some of his old songs. I can't remember which song it was... I think it was "As The World Turns" how he mentions Faygo (the drink ICP endorses).

Bear in mind NOBODY besides ICP EVER raps about Faygo.
you're an idiot.

so because eminem brings up a brand of root beer that ICP happened to rap about, in one song, he was on their d**ks???

ever been to michigan dude???? faygo is everywhere at the supermarkets.

acting like faygo is ICP's invention

 15 years ago '07        #1590
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Too $hort Has Sold 10 Million + Records.....

With Over Half of them Platinum OR Gold Status.

 05-23-2009, 09:18 AM         #1591
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wow man for real!?? thats crazy! too short!?

 06-01-2009, 11:54 AM         #1592
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all i can say is bananas.

 15 years ago '09        #1593
The Hatchett 
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 RaioIsLike said
alc is like 110 pounds wet and holding prodigy

 15 years ago '09        #1594
The Hatchett 
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-If Styles P is so hard then why has he gotten his a$s beat like 5 times by different rappers and done nothing?

what should he have done? kill someone? is it because real men take an a$s whoopin as an a$s whooping and young punks kill eachother over it?

 15 years ago '04        #1595
dirty v 
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Eminem and DMX were beefin back around 1999, and began firin not-so-subliminals at eachother....Em: "ion give a fu*k if it's dark or not, i'ma kill you and them loud a$s muthafu*kin barkin dogs..." Dr. Dre's Forgot About DreX: "iono who the fu*k you think you talkin to/ but i ain him aiight SLIM so watch what you do....""you wack, you twisted, your girl's a ho/ you broke, the kid ain't yours, and erbody know//your own man say you stupid, you be like 'so/i love my babymother, i'll never let her go..." -Party Up (Up In Here)we all know bout em's prollems wit kim...but they were somehow united to record "go To Sleep" along with obie trice for one of x's movie soundtracks...50 prolly got them together over their common disdain for ja rule

That aint true cuz dmx was talkin about kurrupt not eminem
Posted via Mobile Device

 15 years ago '07        #1596
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 akadroopy said
wow man for real!?? thats crazy! too short!?
Todd Anthony Shaw (born April 28, 1966), better known by his stage name Too $hort, is an American rapper who started his career at the age of fourteen in Oakland, California. Too Short has sold about 11 million albums in the US alone with 17 albums released and an average of 600,000 copies per album.[1]


 07-10-2009, 03:39 PM         #1597
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 LBoogie2122 said
-Freddie Foxxx went to Landspeed records like 200 deep in order to get the money they owed him.

-Benzino forced Mays to give him part ownership of the source. There are legends of Benzino and his people tying up Mays in his own closet.

-Jay-z was told by Scarface to change Reasonable Doubt because he actually named names of dealers.

-Tupac did have some of his enemies killed.

-Some people in Death Row got r@ped in the building.

-The real reason Mase left hip hop & Harlem is because of heavy extortion, not an epiphany from god
 LBoogie2122 said
Eddie Murphy lets Johnny gill sleep in his bathhouse to this day because he's broke

Jaheim is in fact gay, i hear he was spotted in atlanta arguing with his boyfriend over dropping his purse or something in the middle of the street

Styles p- one news story i heard is that somebody tried to rob him back during the free the lox campaign, shot the man DEAD and got off on self defense

Ghostface & Cappadonna- Reason ghostface wore a mask in the early days is because he was wanted for robbery when the wu 1st blew up
 LBoogie2122 said
e-40 and mac dre were beefin over a girl..its rumored that the two bay legends funk came when a dude from mac dres neighborhood the country club crest, took 40's girl and 40 beat the dude down fro disrespecting his brother. thats why to this day hillside and crest side dont get along...they each made several diss songs before squashing the beef--the hoods havent.

 15 years ago '07        #1598
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Luke's baby momma is ted lucas's wife who is currently ceo of slip n slide records.

Luke put trick on and later dissed luke. Pitbull was signed to luke's label at the time and was eager to go at trick but luke told pit not to.

Pitbull caught the attention of irv gotti when pitbull battled and beat drag-on on a dmx video shoot in miami. Irv wanted to sign pit to murder inc. Once in a recording session with irv, pit got up to go outside for a minute and never came back.

Pitbull intentionally makes party records to make show money. He knows there's no money in record sales.

Trick daddy and rick ross starting beefing when ross called himself the miami mayor in port of miami knowing that was trick's nickname. Khaled later made them squash the beef and ross put trick on luxury tax where trick is talking to ross on his verse. The beef continued after speculation arose where trick was behind exposing ross and ross continued to take shots at trick. Trick claims he had nothing to do with it and made a subliminal on his own diss track claiming he'll take his ak from the trunk of his dunk and shoot up the maybach. Ross now claims to be the governor of florida while trick signed with eclass, a long time friend of ross.

Rick ross was affiliated with the boobie boys in the 90s until kenneth boobie boy williams got locked up. The same man who made ross take a job as a co. Ross moved to atlanta and got a deal with suavehouse. Him and blok of blok entertainment got real close where blok made ross a godfather of one of his kids. Ted lucas ceo of slip n slide bought out ross's contract and ross soon began writing for trina. Ross still kept getting money on the street and soon joined poe boy ent. They were a small organized crime family who were into music. Poe boy was headed by eclass who was in charge of the music, and ---------- who was in charge of the crime spree. You actually see ---------- in the beginning of the hustlin video counting money in the white 7 series. The hustlin beat was laying around the atlantic offices in which ted lucas got a hold of and gave it to ross who laced it up. Poe boy used a huge amount of drug money to promote ross and try to land him a deal which later landed him on def jam. Poe boy became a legit company later getting deals for brisco and flo rida who--------- currently manages.

Khaled used to use his "arabian attack" aka's until the september 11th tragedy.

Last edited by MELODY; 05-04-2011 at 12:39 AM..

 07-18-2009, 12:13 PM         #1599
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Im been born in an Era where hip-hop wuz here but the era of dance wuz slowly coming. But i can truly Say that Hip-hop is not dead but is Resting. i went to my first real Hip-hop Concert and got to meet 9th Wonder and Big Daddy Cane. i don't Blame Artist about the destruction of hip-hop but blame the Record company for trying to adapt to get more money....

 15 years ago '05        #1600
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
Props total: 9542 9 K  Slaps total: 1327 1 K
i found sum interesting stuff added on to a thread from another forum that copied this one

its a long read tho sum stuff may have been posted already but not most

DO Cannon (rapper and murder inc signee) was killed as a warning to ja rule.

i knew dude, he was cool ppl, from what i hear all them rap sh*t aint all that hard anyway so i dont think sh*t gon start clappin, all them other niggz who died was in some deeper sh*t.

It was originally a track by Dre called 'The Way I Be Pimpin' which was written by Royce Da 5'9" who also appeared on the hook, but this track was removed at the last minute and a new track was made with the beat (Xxxplosive)

-The first #1 album of the year 2000 (new millenium) was Jay-Z's Vol. 3.

-The intro to Illmatic was produced by Irv Gotti.

I live about 10 minutes from EMinem. His house is Sick; he bought it from former K Mart CEO. I can give you his address if you dont believe me.

Eminem used to work at a Blimpie's (not sure if 100% true but heard from many)

Kid Rock started out as a local rapper in Detroit

Kid Rock use to break dance, one of my high school teachers took a class he tought WAY before he was famous.

Eminem grew up in Warren, not Detroit; he lived North of 8 mile.

Royce 5'9" is from Oak Park

Rza owns the rights to the wu-tang name

michael jackson owns the copyrights to the happy birthday song(happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you etc. etc) 100% true, if you heard it on tv, he gets paid

twista is a vicelord (do they still run chicago?)

Jeru the damaja was screwed by the industry so bad; he was spotted last year in manhatten delivering Chinese food on a bike, not a motorbike, a bike.

Shyne used up all his phone time for the next 6 months just to get at 50.

Mary J B was an industry wh0re who got ran up by more n1ggas than Jenna Jameson

Do know why Rocwilder ain't had a hit in years? Cause his ghost producer died and he used up the archives.

Q-tip produced a few songs on mobbs the infamous album under the name 'The Abstract' gohstface produced a lil of it too but i forget which track.
Nas also ghost produced which explains why the infamous was arguably their best album (i say hell on earth).

At the BET awards in 2004 Shells went up to Nelly and was like yo im on J records an I would like to work with you and nelly told him he doesnt think that will be possible.

I’ve heard from many different people that elephant man has aids & he gave it to his baby moms, ppl tell me evrbody in miami knows this,can i get a confirmation?

Talented producer Ayatollah (Mos Def, Screwball, Vast Aire, Cormega, etc.) wanted to do something else than just be a DJ, Tragedy Khadafi got Marley Marl to lend a ****load of equipment to Ayatollah, years later Ayatollah made a name for himself and finally Marley got his equp. back, its crazy if u think if it wasnt for Marley, there is no Ayatollah.

This cat told me Marley Marl is married to the princess of Japan, that would explain why sometimes Future Flavas (Marley's radio show would be broadcasted in Japan) i still dont know if i belive this but if it is true that is one royal family.

another Bumpy Knucks story is after he dissed noreaga, noreaga stepped up to Foxxx outside of a club, norega started to talk **** bout Foxxx, Bumpy stepped right to Nore's face and was like what u going to do about it, Nore backed away like a ***** and hasnt said what what what since.

Kool G rap is from corona queens

-Prodigy is from hempstead Long Island, not queensbridge

Progidy used to rite some of havoc's rhymes, on early mixtapes around the time the infamous dropped, you can hear Havoc spitting rhymes which would later be used by prodigy on later albums.

J.K from the SMACK DVD where Sire Castro battle Jae Millz, J.K. and 3 of his people's approached Kay Slay to give him one of his CD's and Kay Slay said "there's a certain way you approach the truck" and Kay Slay's body guard tried to stunt. JK and his 3 people pulled guns out and then Kay Slay and his bodyguard got in the car and pulled off

i dunno if this was posted but kanye used to ghost produce alot of sh*t for bad boy back i nthe day. if u listen to harlem world the movement - track 2 and ithink 7 were produced by him and u can tell he had a different style, that sounded alot like mop money mo problems and feel so good..

Camron was diagnosed with an ulcer (hole in his stomach) after sde came out but before come home with me he had to give up drinking & when that happened his facial features hardened up.

It was in Felon Magazine around the time Stillmatic came out and Nas was talking about a conversation he had with Jay at a party.Jay told Nas not to diss Bleek and that Beans would never sell more than Gold.And that he was better than Big.This interview led to Sauce Money beefin with Nature.
Nate Dogg Held Up 4 Taco bells

Houston, Texas native James Smith brings together "The Geto Boys". The original lineup consisted of MCs Raheim, Jukebox, DJ Ready Red, and Sir Rap-A-Lot. The group also featured Little Billy, a dancing dwarf who later joined full-time as Bushwick Bill. Following a short break-up in 1988, Smith called on local rhymers Willie D and multi-instrumentalist Akshun (later known as Scarface) to join the lineup.

"Somebody that claimed they was houston's cousin told me this.

said it had something to do with extortion,this is the only person i heard this from tho so i cant back it 100%

what i do kno is that why would you try to k1ll yourself.....& in the end only your eye ended up gettin fu*ked up, ever hear of that in ANY suicide case?"

The Def squad - Mobb Deep beef goes like this:
-Prodigy makes that interlude on the Imfamous album talking about "rappers bragging about how much weed you smoke and using outer space words that don't make sense".
-Redman and Keith Murray (Who rolled with a crew called LOD - legion of doom) Take it personal and run into mobb deep at a club, in NY, not sure which one.
-Keith and prodigy exchange blows, he talks about it on "In the long run"

"My ***** Money No runs with the mobb and was there the night it happened, he's also in the backround of the song bragging about knocking one of those LOD @#%$ out".

" The Reason B.I.G Changed His Orginal Name Biggie Smalls To The Notorious B.I.G Is Because The Original Biggie Smalls From California Punked Biggie Into Changing His Name..Big had to change his name from "biggie smalls" because there's an artist who has that name already, some white cat who makes contemporary music or whatever.. I remember this because back in the 90's I had like 2$ on me at the mall and was looking for one of those 99cent tape singles to waste money on. Saw some sh*t by an artist called "biggie smalls" and copped it thinking it was some new BIG sh*t, there was no picture on the cover. I got home and listened to it like @#%$ is this."

Saigon Said He Idolized Mobb Deep When He Was Younger, But When He Met Them And Their Crew They Turned Out To Be *****. He Said They Were The Exact Opposite Of Their Music.

Common in the early 90s was a big herion addictic and almost O D in a studio.

on suge knight's behind the music his father said he is a "compulsive" liar
-suge knight was a all-american linebacker for UNLV runnin' rebels
- he got his start in the music business as mc hammer's body guard.

-suge says on the way to the hospital after being shot in vegas tupac held a conversation and joked the whole time.. which is impossible for someone shot in the lungs.

suge was reportedly "grazed" by a bullet in the same shooting and sought treatment at the same hospital as pac but there are NO records or scars.

on biggie's behind the music violetta wallace says big seen tupac at a concert soon after was released from prison and asked "what's wrong with you why you saying these things about me? i thought we were cool". Pac responded, "Just play along this it's just to sell some records" (if you dont believe me watch it for yourself)

-the contract suge and pac sigened which got him on deathrow was signed on a piece of toilet paper.

Showbiz has beat down busta rhymes and brandished a gun at jay for their lack of help when he fell on hard times.

Wyclef fu*ked beyonce and her dad had a relationship with the two girls that got kicked out the original group.

Kayslay (real name Keith) used to be a parking attendent at a New York car park and is 48 years old.

Big pun kidnapped whoo kid for putting a diss record aimed at him on one of his early mixtapes.

Kelis aborted two kids from pharrell

the clipse smoke a hell of alot of crack

red cafe makes more money selling drugs than from music

jimmy cozier and blu cantrell have a serious drug problem

janet jackson has a teenage daughter.

Sheek found jae hood living a homeless shelter with his mom and sister. He spit for that ***** one time and it was on

Well Trick Trick is the Leader of the Goon Squad (<-they spell it different)

Trick Daddy informed Trick Trick that he had to change his name (Now mind you this was in a Detroit club, real smart of him). Then Trick Daddy proceeded to recieve a brutal beating by Trick Trick and the Goon Squad. This **** happened a few years back.

Mobb Deep met when Havoc was gonna rob Prodigy but decided not to.

Ice T Called Eminem A ***** Cos He Only Pistol Whipped Someone Who Was Spotted Kissing Kim In A Club.

Timbaland doesn't really like female rappers, he said he actually had to be persuaded to sign Ms. Jade...

T.I. And Lil'flip got in a scuffle in flips hood after T.I. went on the radio claiming he was going thru there to prove flip was a *****. Flips Boys Were Ready and whooped on T.I. But Flip tried to Sneak Through THe Scuffle and Get THe K.O. Blow on Ti and one of his boys knocked flip out as well...thats true.

New Member oF G-unit Spider Loc Got signed because he was doing big time coke moves with his homeys who were talking to some tennessse homies of young bucks, they met in chi-town and hooked up. Then Loc Got signed on the set of let me in video

Dmx had Spider loc and Game Battle On The set of "missin you" song tribute to Aaliyah...dunno who won .

The Trick Trick vs. trick daddy **** is true But ya'll forgot first trick trick went to MIA and tried to talk it out with trick daddy but he wuldnt hear it...THen later on went trick daddy went to Detroit club or whatnot they already had it planned out that they were gonna whoop his @#%$, which they did.

Trick Trick Knocked Styles P. on his @#%$ in a club in detroit....trick trick sez dblock came thru the club and one dude was acting disrespectful....jada left but SP stood his ground and got knocked out -100 % fact i heard that straight from trick .

Yup, and sp admitted it on hot 97 a while back, he said and i quote, "i took an L but i still held my **** down, ****** was stompin me out and ****, but i still did my thing...".

50 cents name in the hood was "boo boo" (Hahaha wow i wonder what the reasoning is).

Akons manager was murdered in front of a nj diner by a fan trying to **** with capone who was there as well.

oschino is the only member of state prop who followed beans to Dame Dash's Label.

When G-unit dissed buddens at summer jam 04 he was backstage alone and didnt say or do sh*t.

Young bucks ****** supplied all the whips jewelry and tough looking dudes in juvies "paper chaser video"

Juvenile left young buck in cali after buck got too friendly with dudes at tha row.

Young jeezy openly admits hes not really a rapper, he just makes the albums to start up his company.

Fat joe keeps dudes in the terror squad who openly dont even have a desire to make there own albums, simply b/c they do his ghostwriter.

Ice T did not like Eazy E either, he would say in interviews how Eric was a studio gangsta, etc.

Suge Knight had Billboard murdered, he said this in an interview

Ludacris & 50 were tight b4 their remix track but after money issues, they arent close and 50 has sent "mini" disses to him

lil kim & 50 ****** and when kim left 50 for scott storch, he dissed her (but wouldnt that make 50 mad at scott?)

No Limit & Cash Money had a scruffle outside a nightclub in NO..Supposedly, Fiend or Mac sliced Slim and now, Slim has a scar on his chest

50 barely pays his labelmates.

DMX doesnt even wanna rap...hes under contract and has too.

MOP & Mobb Deep dislike each other.

50's been pushin for 6 months now to make lil jon do a joint venture with lil scrappy and thats why he put him on anger management so they can negotiate more and scrappy can be with G-unit.

westside connection never really got along too much ( true)

diddy was a control freak at bad boy and biggie was what kept evry1 together so when he bounced every1 said **** it

Scott Storch is really jewish, but people respect him cause he knows how to make ill beats. He personally likes producing for Fat Joe, he wanted to give Joe the Candy Shop, but the rest of the Terror Squad said it sounded like Lean Back too much, so he gave it to 50, who was harrasing Storch for it, for awhile.......

The Lox had A physical Confrontation with puff during the "let the lox go" days. They were then banned from the BadBoy Offices. Also, the release of the lox didn't really benifit anyone but puff who got 2million cash and control of jada's publishing.

R.Kelly was blackmailed for a very long time b4 that tape came out

Foxy brown really is crazy. Bipolar or some **** like that

say something...

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