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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot 3X PLAT

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 07-21-2005, 02:08 AM         #551
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dis is definently some good sh1t

 07-21-2005, 02:29 AM         #552
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B.G. moves heavy coke through us/canada/south america

100% fact - till this day he does

I severly doubt it, Canadian security is tight. How does he do it, exactly?
this is no joke...B.G is into the drug game hard..News Flash!!he just started back on heroin after he served his prison time

 07-21-2005, 02:51 AM         #553
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The reason i dont feel nas music, NAs witnessed his brother (ILL WILL)get gunned down and aint do sh1t. Nas also, never sold drugs, if u watch the Driven on VH1 jungle says he did, it was a front, nas used to get robbed, and picked on, the real reason he dropped outta high school. Nas also got robbed at one of his video shoots, and had to buy back his chain.
1. none of this has to do with his music...
2. he watched Will get robbed from his room..so what could he do?
3. Every young teen got robbed in queensbridge..ask some older cats

 07-21-2005, 04:20 AM         #554
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Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest), Posdonous (from De La Soul) & JuJu (from The Beatnuts) formed a group in 1992 called "The Fabulous Fleas". They recorded several tracks, but none of which have ever been released.

Around teh same time, Q-Tip was also part of a group called "The Nasal Poets" consisting of himself, Adrock (from The Beastie Boys) and B-real (from Cypress Hill). Again, no material has been released from thsi project either.

 07-21-2005, 06:19 AM         #555
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 tmontana171 said
You trying to question me repetively like im dumb on a fu#king computer....i called you fu#king dumb i wuldnt think that was your definition of acting hard and gangster you fu#king bi#ch what makes that tough im calling you stupid which is what you fu#kgn are.....you calling me lame and then say swim in a pool of aids which is the dumbest sh1t i ever heard bi#ch....and im gonna stop calling you n1gga cuz you obviosuly white and sh1t and you never told me where your from ho cuz if we meet then ill stop talking behind the screen this is the last time im talking on this thread to you but keeping laughing at your own jokes ******

and im gonna stop calling you n1gga cuz you obviosuly white -

you been watching too much scarface mr montana go find a girlfriend or something

the net thuggin is not really working out for you.

 07-22-2005, 10:44 PM         #556
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werd....feelin this thread

 19 years ago '05        #557
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 dvd07 said
robbin old ladies is the most puss1est thing a man could do... and he crack head..damn

DJ Ready Red was kicked out of Geto Boys and shafted by J. Prince because of his lack of melanin.
lol thats pretty fu#ked up

Is anyone really suprised that Cam is pu$$y?..Actions speak louder than words
J prince is a fu#kin gangsta...Scarface cant leave rap-a-lot becuase it realy is Rap a lot for LIFE.... thats why they call it rap a lot mafia..............

 19 years ago '04        #558
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-Lil Scrappy Claims Gangsta Boo Had a Relationship With Don P from trillville and liked getting sh1t up the a$s
- 50 Cent Gives Away Who Shot Pac In The ny studio in his song many men
- Game Played BBall With Baron Davis in HS
- Yukmouth Claims Game was a stripper
- Spider Loc Hates Bad Azz Becuz Loc Tried To Get on ANd Spit in front of him and bad gave him a whole speech about how spittin in front of a n1gga on the spot aint helpin nothin.... Later On Spider Saw Snoop on tv talking about how he discovered bad azz in front of some like burger place when he started freestylin for him outta no where
- Young Bucks A Coke Head
- Wu-tang Clan Ain't Nothin To fu#k With

 19 years ago '04        #559
Randumb Nobody 
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bump more info plz

 07-23-2005, 11:11 PM         #560
A Son Unique 
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 bc/o06 said
Nas had s3x with Jay-z and Nas didnt call him the day after and thats how the beef really started listen to the begining of ether listen real close
it says:
i fu#ked jay-z

thats why he calls him gay-z
lol but no ... it says fu#k jay-z.. he sampled 2pac from fu#k friendz

 07-24-2005, 01:14 AM         #561
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-Suge doesnt like game because he expose some of Death Row business (stuff about Harry-O) and because he is not really blood.

suge is not a blood

 07-24-2005, 01:30 AM         #562
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 Street Legend said
lol but no ... it says fu#k jay-z.. he sampled 2pac from fu#k friendz
i think the sh1t about jay z bein gay came out 1st when luke was doin' luke's peep show. he had a white dude on there who was talkin about a gay rapper from the east coast and it is believed to jay z.....

sometimes when u here so much of somethin' there may be some truth behind it

 07-24-2005, 01:37 AM         #563
True Geniu$ 
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nas dropped outta school in eight grade...

 07-24-2005, 01:48 AM         #564
A Son Unique 
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holy fu#k.. i just spent my hole night readin this thread.. started at 11PM and its 3:48AM... wow... GOOD sh1t!!!

 07-24-2005, 03:43 AM         #565
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 Big Shaq said
Did Bruce Lee's Son Really Die During The Filming Of The Crow????
yea they were shooting a scene that involved a gun and someone took out the blanks and put real bullets.

 07-24-2005, 04:41 AM         #566
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Jazzy Phe's dad was in the Bar-kays I believe.

 19 years ago '04        #567
MegaTON  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 RmK said
Jazzy Phe's dad was in the Bar-kays I believe.
prolly why that lame a$s is so pop

 07-24-2005, 09:13 AM         #568
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 MegaTON said
prolly why that lame a$s is so pop
Can u tell me where i can get the my brother and me on dvd????

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Last edited by tmich19; 07-24-2005 at 09:13 AM..

 19 years ago '04        #569
Randumb Nobody 
Props total: 1589 1 K  Slaps total: 80 80
can anybody tell me why 2pac was beefin with jay-z?

 07-24-2005, 10:27 AM         #570
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Good sh1t man keep this going

 07-24-2005, 12:07 PM         #571
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to that dumb n1gga tmontana... artists rarely make cake off their albums unless they own their publishing.. flashback to 112 on bad boy.. those talented motherfu#kers sold millions upon millions upon millions of records yet they needed a new contract to eat.

Record Labels make all the money..an advance is just that..you have to pay it back..what if your album flops..$250 K advance is still due.

 07-24-2005, 12:21 PM         #572
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 MochaWhitey said
can anybody tell me why 2pac was beefin with jay-z?
Because He Was Tight With Biggie, And They Both Threw Subliminls At Pac On "Brooklyns Finest" Off Of Jay-Z's Debut Album.

 07-24-2005, 12:22 PM         #573
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 MochaWhitey said
can anybody tell me why 2pac was beefin with jay-z?
cuz jay and big were friends

 19 years ago '05        #574
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this is an amazing thread!

 07-24-2005, 07:30 PM         #575
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some more stuff. some of you may know a lot of this already

- B.G. has been a heroin addict for years. during a Source interview they were saying he would fall asleep in the middle of talking and they could barely understand him.
- Yella Boy of UNLV made a song "Drag'em in the River" dissing Mystikal because he was on a rival Big Boy Records. Later, Yella Boy was killed.
- It was rumored that Yella Boy was killed by Tec-9 of UNLV
- UNLV and B.G. recently recorded "Drag'em 2" which disses Birdman and Slim
- Fiend and KLC were also on Big Boy records
- Mystikal's sister was killed by an ex-boyfriend and this is what the songs "Murderer 2" and "Murderer 3" are about
- The beat to "Drag'em In the River" is what made Juvenile join Cash Money. Juvenile said Mannie Fresh was the only reason he joined. Mannie later uses the same beat on "Set It Off"
- Mannie Fresh has produced over 5,000 songs
- B.G. & Mac did a song together called "n1ggas N Trouble" before Mac signed to No Limit
- When Soulja Slim got out of jail, Master P wanted him to go at Cash Money but he refused because him and B.G. go way back and he eventually left the label.
- "The Chronic" was rumored to be actually produced by Daz, Sam Sneed, and Big Hutch instead of Dre.
- Sam Sneed survived brain cancer.
- 2Pac had beef with Snoop & Dre before he died.
- 2Pac was working on the One Nation Compilation before he died which was supposed to unite East and West Coast artists. Some artists to be on it were Smif -n Wessun, Bukshot, Outlawz, Scarface, Spice 1, E-40, Redman, Dogg Pound, Method Man, Luniz, Richie Rich and some others.
- Kurupt was originally in "Still Ballin'" but his verse was replaced by an added Trick Daddy verse.
- Spice 1 is said to be someone never to fu#k with.
- E-40 invented a LOT of hip-hop slang. Snoop took the "fo shizzle my nizzle" from him as a matter of fact. Snoop gets no love in the Bay Area because of this.
- C-Bo violated probation because his album "Til My Casket Drops" contained violent lyrics and he was locked up for it.
- After "Bling Bling", Master P and Mr. Magic had a song called "Ice On My Wrist". In the song Master P says "Bling Bling" but they edited it out of the video.
- C-Murder disses Juvenile and Mystikal on a hidden track off of his "Tru Dawgs" Compilation.
- No Limit created a group called "Tank Dawgs" with C-Murder, Fiend, Mac, & Snoop Dogg. The album never happened but they may have recorded some tracks.
- Bone Thugs -n- Harmony bought a one-way ticket to L.A. to meet Eazy E
- Flesh -n- Bone stayed in Cleveland to play basketball and followed later. He didn't get the same contract however and signed to Def Jam.
- Flesh and Layzie are brothers.
- Bizzy Bone was a foster child adopted by Layzie's family
- Bizzy Bone and his little sister were kidnapped by their step-father when they were younger.
- Bizzy Bone is from Columbus, not Cleveland.
- Krayzie Bone was a Jehova's Witness.
- Layzie Bone supposedly fu#ked up one of the member of Do Or Die.
- Eazy E's wife also called Black Widow took over for Ruthless when he died. she supposedly doesn't pay Bone any money. Bizzy and Krayzie have dissed her on songs. Bizzy has dissed her a lot.
- Bizzy's "Heaven'z Movie" was edited a lot by Black Widow. This is why some songs are really short and one song even cuts off when a verse is beginning.
- Some say that Eazy E actually fu#ked over Bone in their deal. At the beginning of "Schizophrenic", Bizzy Bone can be heard in the backround saying that someone owe him a lot of money if you listen carefully.

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