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4/9 todays rumors

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icon 4/9 todays rumors

Seth Rollins is taking time off after WrestleMania, according to Wrestling Observer. “The hope” is he’ll only be gone “about four weeks”.

The Observer’s Dave Meltzer also asked around about if Stephanie McMahon is returning as a WWE executive now that Vince is seemingly gone for good, but “nobody is directly answering that question, no confirmations or denials.”

Stephanie’s WrestleMania appearance was kept a secret internally, per Fightful Select. The segment was listed as a Triple H promo on run sheets for Sunday’s show. The site notes that Steph was welcomed backstage, as she still has a positive reputation at the company.

Linda McMahon was spotted at the WWE hotel after Sunday’s show, according to PW Insider.

A Sports Illustrated report on Nick Khan says the WWE President is looking into collaborating with other wrestling promotions.

It’s one of the previously off-limits things that Khan looks at as a potential revenue stream, like more international shows and the Netflix deal.

Fightful also heard there was “heavy praise all around” for the camerawork & production at WrestleMania, and little to no reaction to IShowSpeed swearing during his appearance

Matt Hardy is a free agent after his last AEW contract expired. That’s from Fightful and confirmed by the Observer, both of whom also say Hardy decided not to sign a new deal AEW offered.

Regarding AEW’s plans to air footage of CM Punk & Jack Perry’s All In altercation, PW Insider is told it will be from the Wembley Stadium security cameras and not “a parody or a bait and switch.”

They also speculate it will be used to add heat to Dynasty’s Young Bucks/FTR Tag title match, and possibly to bring Perry back

AEW’s CJ Perry, Ricky Starks, Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall were backstage on Night Two of WrestleMania.

Those last three can be seen in pictures with Cody Rhodes & family from after his win in the main event that are floating around the internet


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