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Central Japan mayor to quit after 99 confirmed s3xual harassment incidents

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 2 months ago '16        #1
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icon Central Japan mayor to quit after 99 confirmed s3xual harassment incidents

GINAN, Gifu -- The mayor of this central Japan town on Feb. 28 announced his intention to resign after an investigative committee confirmed he had s3xually harassed female staff at least 99 times.

Ginan, Gifu Prefecture, Mayor Hideo Kojima, 74, is expected to submit his letter of resignation as early as Feb. 29, and leave his post on March 5.

Allegations he had s3xually harassed municipal workers first emerged in an article in the Shukan Bunshun weekly magazine. A third-party investigative committee was established to look into the mayor's conduct, and it submitted its report to the town on Feb. 27. The committee strongly suggested that "there is no choice other than (the mayor's) immediate resignation."

According to the report, the 99 instances of s3xual harassment of numerous female employees included acts potentially constituting forced indecent assault, such as touching their breasts or buttocks. The report further acknowledged harassment of female town councilors, including touching their buttocks.

The committee also investigated whether Kojima had bullied staff, and found that he had committed daily acts of intimidation including threats of disciplinary action, demotion or termination without logical reasons. In a survey of employees who had interacted with the mayor, over 80% reported having been s3xually harassed or bullied.

Evidence for the allegations included recordings of conversations with Kojima and testimonies from eyewitnesses to the harassment.

In response to the report, Kojima had initially categorically denied any s3xual harassment of female councilors, telling the Mainichi Shimbun that the allegations were "one-sided, merely the staff members' claims at face value, and unacceptable."

However, at a Feb. 28 press conference, Kojima stated, "I have caused a lot of trouble, and I apologize." Concerning the report, he added, "There are parts where I am not convinced of the grounds for the s3xual harassment claims, but I must submit to its conclusions."

Asked why he did not change his behavior toward staff even after he had been chided by his then deputy mayor, Kojima said, "We're of the same generation, and I laughed it off."

 https://mainichi.jp/engli .. 0m/0na/017000c


 2 months ago '12        #2
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We know females lie about sh1t. But 99 fu#kin incidents?

Yeaaah buddy did that sh1t.


 2 months ago '16        #3
lars  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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Nig name is Hideo Kojima, nah man the MGS Kojima gotta sue this wild dude. F ing up the name foh, Kojima gotta send solid snake to eliminate that mayor.

 2 months ago '21        #4
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 2 months ago '18        #5
BrooklynDamien  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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99 problems, all bi#ches.

 2 months ago '17        #6
CJ Schwarz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x187
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Sounds like a hands on mayor to me

 2 months ago '14        #7
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He was so close to one hunnid

Top 10 most propped recently  2 months ago '16        #8
Boogie1790  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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Japan needs more of this...maybe if the young Japanese dudes moved like him the birth rate would be up

 2 months ago '05        #9
Hold That 
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99 not 100.. foreign politics? Not buying it

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