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Join Score, the new dating app for people with good credit (675+)


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icon Join Score, the new dating app for people with good credit (675+)


 https://finance.yahoo.com .. 110000402.html

Luke Bailey was in Austin in November last year to host a launch party for his company's new credit card, and trying to keep the crowd of thousands waiting in line happy. He started throwing out questions to cut through the anxiety that people often associate with talking about finance.

The one he came up with, “what the minimum credit score would be for someone you want to date,” cut through that wall immediately, Bailey told Fortune..

So soon after, Bailey, the CEO of lifestyle and finance platform Neon Money Club, launched a dating app with an unusual entry requirement: your credit score needs to be higher than 675. The app, appropriately called Score, launched earlier this week and if you blink you might miss it—it’s a pop-up set to disappear after 90 days. The goal, according to Bailey, is “to inject financial awareness into the fabric of everyday life.”

Bailey, who started working in banking two decades ago and has held leadership positions at Citibank and JPMorgan Chase, said he wanted to make a platform that fosters connections based on mutual interests, but also on “financial compatibility, which can be an important factor in long-term relationships,” he told Fortune in an email. Conversations on financial health have “remained stagnant for decades,” according to the company. He also wants people to learn how to grow their money without needing to “learn the language of Banks,” according to a company statement. His platform is “flipping that approach,” and tr@nslating often complex language into information “for the masses.”

He has likened this approach to his upbringing in Philadelphia, where the kinds of clothes you wore signaled your status. "What if you could show off your investments? What if you could show off your financial wellness the same way you would show off a sneaker or show off a new piece of clothing,” he told AftoTech in a 2022 interview.


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I’m just outside of that ballpark I’ll probably join in 2025

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They letting in 6ers?


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BX scumbags need not apply..

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