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This Was When Everyone Knew Oprah Was A Piece Of sh1t

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 2 weeks ago '19        #1
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Chi Chi Bwoy  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x57
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This Was When Everyone Knew Oprah Was A Piece Of sh1t

Interviewed Luther when he just had a stroke and could barely speak



 2 weeks ago '06        #2
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how? she got luther in her last moments. that's good content. it's not like they forced luther up there. he agreed 2 talk 2 the fans thru opera's show. if it was in this era, he'd probably be on vlad's couch talkin about survivin a stroke

 2 weeks ago '22        #3
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What a completely dumb take just to sh1t on a bi#ch that doesn't even know you exist. The man wasn't forced to do the interview.

 2 weeks ago '11        #4
Blinx 182 
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 2 weeks ago '06        #5
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She talked to him like he was dead already

 2 weeks ago '22        #6
SeanDon122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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If I recall, Oprah was the only person Luther wanted to do this with and it was kept under wraps for a while right?

 2 weeks ago '18        #7
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Nah. This is when people figured she was a piece of sh1t


Text size

A famous Brazilian "spiritual healer" accused of s3xually abusing female followers has been sentenced to more than 118 years in prison for raping four women, authorities said.

Joao Teixeira de Faria, 81, better known as "Joao de Deus" or "John of God," treated tens of thousands of people per month at his "spiritual hospital" in the small town of Abadiania in central Brazil, according to officials.

He shot to international fame when US TV star Oprah Winfrey profiled him in 2013.

In October 2017, The New York Times and The New Yorker reported that dozens of women had accused film producer Harvey Weinstein of r@pe, s3xual assault and s3xual abuse over a period of at least 30 years. Over 80 women in the film industry eventually accused Weinstein of such acts. Weinstein himself denied "any non-consensual s3x". Shortly after, he was dismissed from The Weinstein Company (TWC), expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and other professional associations, and retired from public view.

Criminal investigations into complaints from at least six women took place in Los Angeles, New York City, and London. In May 2018, Weinstein was arrested in New York and charged with r@pe and other offenses.[1] In February 2020, he was found guilty of r@pe in the third degree and a criminal s3xual act.[2] In March 2020, he was sentenced to 23 years of imprisonment.[3] Weinstein was sentenced to an additional 16 years after being convicted in Los Angeles of one count of r@pe and two counts of s3xual assault.[4]

The New York Times and The New Yorker were awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for their coverage of Weinstein. The scandal triggered many similar allegations against powerful men around the world, and led to the ousting of many of them from their positions. It also led a great number of women to share their own experiences of s3xual assault, harassment, or r@pe on social media under the hashtag #MeToo. The scandal's impact on powerful men in various industries came to be called the Weinstein effect.

Or her Africa School

For those unversed, the 69-year-old founded the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa in 2007. This comes after she had talks with Nelson Mandela about the looming poverty in the country. The $46 million-dollar boarding school then came into being with a 52-acre campus that included several amenities.

Recently, rumours have been spreading like wildfire that several students from the educational institution went missing. Twitter user @JTaylorSkinner alerted netizens about the same. She also claimed that the tweets were posted by “several shady accounts,” however, this has not been verified.

This is not the first time the television host has had to deal with a scandal related to the school. In 2011, law enforcement investigated a body of a newborn that was found in one of the student’s bags. They confirmed that a 17-year-old girl gave birth at the institution. No charges were filed against the girl.

Shortly after the school opened in 2007, the school matron Virginia Tiny Makopo was charged with s*xually m0lesting several of the girls. When the crime came to light, Winfrey went on to fire the school’s headmistress Lerato Nomvuyo Mzamane.

In 2009, the educational institution was rocked with a second s*x scandal. Seven of their students were suspended for s*xually harassing their classmates. The New York Daily News also reported that the alleged perpetrators also attempted to entice their classmates into lesbian encounters. A South African news outlet also revealed that one of the 15 year old girls demanded that her victims lie to the police about what happened.

Last edited by Hollywood; 02-11-2024 at 08:58 PM..

 2 weeks ago '20        #8
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that version of Oprah could get the raw meat if she so desired.

her big b00ty friend g@yle too.

 2 weeks ago '17        #9
DavidTheMan  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Color purple

 2 weeks ago '04        #10
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I remember the interview.Alot of folks were really sad when he passed.I Listen to Luther weekly

 2 weeks ago '20        #11
confidential1  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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This bi#ch asked Luther if he’s glad that he survived the stroke…..


 2 weeks ago '13        #12
PyrexVisionary  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x37
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I’ve always loved this photo of Oprah Winfrey playing Ghislaine Maxwell to her male bff Harvey Weinstein aka The Jeffrey Epstein of Hollywood.

“Now now dear go along with this nice man, he’s not gonna hurt you. Matter of fact… he’s gonna make you a starrar!


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