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Jun 28 - Tony Yayo: Dealing Cocaine With 50 Cent

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 06-28-2005, 06:44 AM         #1
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icon Jun 28 - Tony Yayo: Dealing Cocaine With 50 Cent

Tony Yayo: Dealing Cocaine With 50 Cent
Monday - June 27, 2005
Albert McCluster III
Tony Yayo (Marvin Bernard) used to deal coke with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson back in Jamiaca, Queens…50 was family to Yayo…who adopted the name from the movie Scarface, "Chi-chi, Chi-chi, get the yayo", yayo meaning cocaine…the crop which Curtis and Marvin would harvest to fame and furtune…after a few detours to the hospital and jail for both he and 50 respectively.

When talking with Tony you hear in his voice that he respects and loves 50 as any man could love his brother…even though the G-Unit are 21st Century Hip Hop trailblazers when it comes to reaching and entertaining the masses…the 2 founding members hold onto an age old code of ethics and loyalty….

"The problem is today that nobody has any loyalty...Those cats that looked out for the young ones like me really don't exist no more...I was 9 and 10 years old hanging with straight thug n1ggas, who would beat a n1gga down in a heartbeat if they crossed 'em or disrespected 'em...I mean sh1t they was about blastin' them thangs...But, would make me go to school and break me off when my pockets was empty...They taught me the game when I needed a comeup. These cats didn't express the "I Love Yous" and all that...These were the pimps, the dealers and the hustlers who all lived in my hood...these were and are my ride or die, fu#k the police and the world we family and fu#k them other n1ggas! That's how it is to this day...all my dude gotta do is call...you feel me?"

According to Yayo...that "street" family is what developed himself, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent into the original Guerilla-Unit. Yayo c00ntinues to explain that every neighborhood has that cat that nobody fu#ked with. A guy that everybody but his crew hated...a guy that everybody wanted to be...

"Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was and is that guy...I ain't 'bout riding on some other man's d1ck...50 was doing it since he was 13. He was rollin' in whips and rockin' ice that most serious hustlers only dreamed about by the time he was 21. They called him "Boo-Boo" back in Queens. People would be hanging on the block and somebody would go 'Aww, sh1t here come Boo-Boo.' He had respect and fear because he didn't take no sh1t then and WE ain't takin' no sh1t now...especially now that I'm out...all this drama and bullsh1t about n1ggas with a beef...I ain't even on that sh1t...I'm about taking sh1t to the source and crushing it!"

After serving a year in jail for a 2003 weapons charge and a subsequent re-jailing the next day on a forged passport charge on which he was later re-released, Yayo has a looong history with 50 Cent going all the way back to that Queens neighborhood from slanging ya-yo to beating down busters to the mixtape scene...Tony Yayo has seen it and done it all.

Now, after receiving a cool million in cash from his mentor and friend...Tony Yayo is out doing press for his new album "Thoughts Of a Predicate Felon" that drops on June 28th...the lead single "So Seductive" featuring 50 Cent dropped on June 7th which is to be followed by the Dr Dre produced "Live By The Gun" as well as the "Tony's Home" mixtape which features jail freestyles, early rhymes by Yayo as well as a cut with Olivia and Lloyd Banks.

The self proclaimed "Talk Of New York" (T.O.N.Y.) has been outspoken on his PR tour regarding 50's beefs with the likes of Fat Joe and Jadakiss...he made his thoughts well known on the recently released mix; "fu#k D-Block" as he boasts:

"Homie I'm gangsta/Fat Joe the boy is wanksta/I'll Come In The Bronx and I'll spank ya....GUnit the click we ride for the cause/We getting money brethren you better get yours/We'll ki1l yo' ass, homeboy you better think/We the ones that took the murder out The Inc."

Yayo contends that he has held his comments since his release due to parole issues...but, now he is tired of holding his tongue..."I'm the type of cat that will bring it to a motherfu#ka that's disrespecting me and mine... now G-Unit is at a higher level and looking down on a bunch of haters...we have to handle things a little better instead of just laying a n1gga out in front of his house...but, I don't have no love for cats like Louch (Sheek)...he's a c0ckroach, a bug...lower than garbage...because he's jumping on the bandwagon...the Inc and D-Bums (Jada and D-Block) can kiss our a$s or bring it...again they can't cause they ain't on our level paper wise...and they know they can't handle us lyrically
...so all that's left for them is sh1t-talking...cause you know them lames don't want any real drama from us...cause they WILL get laid out."

When asked about the title of his new album, Tony laughed and stated, "A predicate felon is more than one time offender...he's close to being locked up for the rest of his life. He's a n1gga with nothing to lose...the type of cat whose way you do not want to get in...in the end that's me. You can believe it or not...because when you come from nothing and you achieve something like G-Unit has...you just ain't going to let someone come and take it all from you. 50 is my brother...all these writers talking about "50 is lonely...50 is this"...my mans not lonely...the saying that it's lonely at the top don't count in this case...I'm here, Lloyd is here...so his family is around him...n1ggas is just jealous and reaching at anything to get at my cat...and now that I'm saying this they will be coming after me too...but, fu#k 'em."

With the June 7 drop of the track "So Seductive" Tony will be fulfilling a goal that he and 50 had since his incaceration..."We wrote "Seductive" right before "Candy Shop" and when he says 'So Seductive' that's what he's talking about...50 had been hyped for the past year...we had 30 records done...but he kept insisting that, 'We gotta do 'So Seductive!'...and the rest is history..."

Yayo who dropped out of school in the 10th grade to pursue the hustler's dream with his street mentor 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks...all instinctively knew that one day they would be famous...if not infamous.

"I was made to be star...50 was as well as Lloyd...Buck, man that n1gga got energy on top of energy...Buck is close to my mentality when he gets on the stage...you can feel it rolling off the cat...Unlike a LOT of motherfu#kas out there we have talent...I write music, before I got locked up I was looking into publishing. Man' I got sh1t that I wrote that I can't believe that I actually wrote it...but, most people don't look at us as individuals with talent...our reps HAVE proceeded us...some for the better...showing that we WILL NOT take sh1t or tolerate disrespect...Now it's time for everyone to see the other side of G-Unit and Tony Yayo...because to most that's all I am...a thug who is friends with 50...I've heard it from the haters...'lucky' is what they say...that's bullsh1t...everything we got we worked hard for...if you try and take it away...you'll get fu#kED UP and laid the fu#k out... That's it...straight up no chaser and to the point."

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