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Meek Mill Speaks Out Against Using Rap Lyrics In Trials


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icon Meek Mill Speaks Out Against Using Rap Lyrics In Trials


“Earlier this week, it was announced that lyrics from various Young Thug songs would be allowed as evidence in his YSL RICO trial. Many online spoke out against the move immediately. Most notably, killer Mike expressed his fear over the potential outcomes of the decision via his Instagram story. Now, Meek Mill, who has also long been an advocate for social justice and improving the justice system, is weighing in.

In a tweet, Meek explained his position. "Locking us for rapping got me scared to do an interview free Jeff free Lucci," the post reads. It's far from the first time Meek has weighed in on the events of Young Thug's trial. Just last week he expressed his confidence in Thugger to beat the case. He was responding to reports that the judge was unhappy with the prosecution in the case. Meek described the trial as "messy" and consequently claimed that would help Thug beat the case. Check out Meek's newest tweet on the trial below.

Meek Mill Says Free Young Thug And YFN Lucci


Overnight, Meek Mill released his new collaborative album with Rick Ross. The album is called Too Good To Be True and its 17-song tracklist is packed full of impressive features. Vory, Fabolous, DJ Khaled, Teyana Taylor, The Dream, Jeremih, French Montana, Future and more appear on the album. The project also features an NBA themed remix as a bonus track with appearances from Damian Lillard and Shaq.

Meek Mill also had to recently respond to a callout from Dee-1. The New Orleans rapper took aim at Meek, Rick Ross, and Jim Jones for including violent lyrics in their songs. Subsequently, Meek clapped back on Instagram pointing out how those lyrics allowed him to transition into somebody who could be a force for good.”

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You don't have to worry about that

You CAP RAP ...cause none of the sh1t you rap about actually occurs in real life

Prosecuters are targeting those that are actually rapping about actually crimes which are descriptive of actual crimes

Like these buffoons:

I knew Ksoo killed my son cause he kept bragging about it in music"




"We made that lil boy duck and dive..shot at his mama and made that lil boy terrified"

"10,000 zanz I'll make it double..robbed a n1gga and said I can't come to Columbus"


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