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Alright, to all the 2Pac lovers....

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 06-26-2005, 12:32 AM         #1
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Bone Diddles 
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Alright, to all the 2Pac lovers....

honestly, i have nothing against you personally, but your all idiots....tupac shakur, the greatest rapper ever? cmon now.....60% of his fame came from his death...i can name 10 rappers in the rap game today that are easily better than 2pac.....

and i keep hearin n1ggas talk about pac bein so 'deep' or whatever....n1gga plz, dude wasnt as nearly great as he is portrayed to be.....theres too many flaws in this n1ggas style for him to be the G.O.A.T.

for one....the n1ggas lyrics are simple as fu#k, if u listen to 5 RANDOM tupac songs, i guarantee u, u will hear basically the same sh1t in 2 or 3 of em, pac aint never had a line that made u go "wow that sh1t was hot"

no offense but pac had 0 tight lines in his rap career unless u consider sh1t like: "fu#k u bi#ch" "i'm a thug" "pour out some hennessey and alize" and sh1t like that hot

and to yall who talk about how pac isnt commercial and sh1t.....u need to be slapped cuz pac is one of the biggest commercial rappers ever, if not the biggest....lets look at some of his biggest hits before he died...
California Love
How Do U Want It
Keep Ya Head Up
Dear Mama
I Get Around
Toss It Up
All About U

say what u want about those songs, but the sh1t is COMMERCIAL MUSIC, honestly if the guy wasnt dead i'd consider him just another average rapper, yea its coo how he has like 1 or 2 songs on each of his cd's talking about some deep sh1t, but 95% of tupac's music is the same as every other rapper

and another thing......i saw a n1gga say "pac was great because he had emotion," hell Akon has emotion, im not gonna go call the n1gga "great," hell if we based rap on emotion, Nelly would be a fu#kin beast and Ja Rule would be the first inducted into the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame.....cut that 'emotion' sh1t out forreal this is hip hop not ice skating.....

and yall say hes so great because hes got soooooo much material........sorry but 70% of that sh1t is just flat out WHACK.....and then on top of that u try to blame eminem for makin pac's last "fake" cd sh1tty.....must be out of ur damn minds, all that new sh1t is like listenin to the same thing over and over again, and if u ask me, that last cd was definately the nicest since his death....by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

now dont get me wrong, i listen to 2Pac, but to say that hes the greatest of all time is just ridiculous, in fact i think it's just impossible to give one rapper the title of "The Greatest," but if there was one, it would NOT be 2pac

and dont give hate becuz im speaking my opinion, becuz it IS my opinion...k?thx...

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