Jim Jones Interview talking about THE Game AND G UNIT BEEF

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Jim Jones Interview talking about THE Game AND G UNIT BEEF

alot of the interview had nothing to do with the game, so ill just copy the parts that did...

Semtex: So whats the deal with you and the game? You were once on a few tracks with him but then threw a subliminal at the game on 'baby girl'

Jim Jones: see man, I'm like this. If you gonna say 4uck Jim, i would respect you more if you never talked to me again. ya dig? now game shouting 4uck 50 next thing i see dude kissing and hugging. I don't respect that.

Semtex: But some say that the end of beef is a good thing. No one wants another big and pac story.

Jim Jones: How you gonna say you a blood and then be quick to back down? he did the same thing with ( pauses ) thats it joe budden, dude did the same thing.

Semtex: The same thing?

Jim Jones: Chuck Taylor was saying 4uck buddens, and then my boy sees him at a party taking pictures with the same nygga he saying shyt about.

Semtex: I hear you. so have you two spoken yet?

Jim Jones: Of course man, we spoke. we had words nah mean. I'm tryna look out for the kid. I don't know if you got it in the UK yet, but he got a new mixtape out. its pretty much a 4uck 50 tape. Im the reason he made that. I was speaking to Game and he was like nah man im done. If it was not for me there wouldn't be a entire game mixtape going at G Unit.

Semtex: any words to 50cent?

Jim Jones: That buck tooth black ape man don't want it with One eyed willie, its that simple.


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