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Goodbye Gmail: Google will delete accounts that do not meet basic and


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 9 months ago '04        #26
Adwerdz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x140
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Cleaning you inactive dusty n1ggas up

 9 months ago '11        #27
SomeOnesoN  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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I have a Google phone. However, all my Gmail accounts are up to date.

Hotmail has been my favorite email to use though. However, Gmail makes it simple to log into certain cities without me having to remember my passwords for everything.

 9 months ago '22        #28
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 Tounw said 🔗
very interesting you say that,Ive been considering getting a proton account ever since my brother brought it to my attention
I'm not about to make a bid deal about the color schemes of ProtonMail. That really is the only thing I'd prefer more options of, if I really nitpicked. It seems what they claim about their Email service is true though. Its not bloated with BS like others. And there are several different Email domain names to choose from too. I dig it and would recommend grabbing an account while it doesnt call for many compromises with what Email address you wanted, like usually is the case with other Email services.

 9 months ago '04        #29
kalico17  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 becoolhomie2 said 🔗
If it hasnít been used in 2 yrs then you donít need it

People crying about a company deleting an account you do not use
They own everything involved
They reserve the right to do what they want

Everybodyís a fu#king victim in 2023

 9 months ago '12        #30
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 GUIDE said 🔗
I never liked Gmail. I look at it like aol, yahoo, hotmail.
Instead Ive been on the Mail.com wave for several years. Just that I always have to clarify that the Email addresses arent Gmail, but just 'Mail' without the "G" says everything. People can get the fu#k out of here with their johnsmith474733827@gmail bullsh1t.

I also dig ProtonMail.

Most people never think about why and how there are so many "Free" Email services. Im not going to get into all of the details. Ads, your personal info and data are why though. I used to be a hardcore internet marketer and I'm not tech illiterate either, so I'm certain of that. Between that and it being difficult to have short, easy Email addresses on popular Email services are why I only rock with Mail.com and ProtonMail. Everything else can suck a fart out of a dead relatives ass.
Would have never thought that BX knew about Proton, been using that for years :cigar:

 9 months ago '15        #31
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 LordRupertEvert said 🔗
I never knew this. What a hack
Itís called an Alias my brotha.

 9 months ago '07        #32
Damagegadget  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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Remember when you needed a referral

 9 months ago '05        #33
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 becoolhomie2 said 🔗
If it hasnít been used in 2 yrs then you donít need it

 9 months ago '12        #34
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Stingy fu#ks just dont wanna buy more servers. Thats all it is.


 9 months ago '22        #35
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 sigNN said 🔗
Would have never thought that BX knew about Proton, been using that for years :cigar:
Like I was saying I rocked with mail.com mainly to dodge a lot of bullsh1t and compromises with short, easy Email addresses. They do roll out ads and other sh1t though. So looking for other alternatives is something I was doing the last few years. Then I became aware of ProtonMail. Hopefully no fu#kery starts happening with their Email service too.

 9 months ago '22        #36
SeanDon122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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They already cracked down on cloud storage... Getting rid of inactive email addresses isn't that big of a deal, but you can certainly say all of these little things they've been doing over the past few years in totality might drive people away

 9 months ago '16        #37
Ravishing  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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The big loss here are gmail accounts tied to old YouTube videos. Curious to see what happens there.
 ironhead said 🔗
I used to use the ". hack" & for mad emails back in the day
I wonder if they gon ki1l them too
 nyctoneworleans said 🔗
Same sh1t I was wondering lol
I still use the ď.Ē And other syntax hacks

But donít quote me boy cuz I ainít said sh1t
 ironhead said 🔗
Its for duping sh1t like free trials where you gotta signup with an email addy
If you have a gmail address you can add a "." anywhere in the prefix & it will suffice as a new email
If ur addy was 🔗 you register with that
Then 🔗, then again with 🔗
Most recognize it as a different email addy Google however just puts em in the same inbox
 LordRupertEvert said 🔗
I never knew this. What a hack
Was unsure about this hack but I do remember reading something about this. But yeah, gmail sees it as a single email address (stripped of special characters) instead of unique addresses. Forgot whether they did this to combat malicious use.

The dot Ďhackí might be better than the plus one, both have their own proís and conís. + is when you put the plus sign after your gmail ID and include any random character(s).
🔗, unclejuju+boxden, unclejuju+b would all go to 🔗. Some sites are smart enough to not accept email accounts with plus signs in them.

And yeah, you can abuse it for free trials or to track what sites send you spam.

 9 months ago '11        #38
Ant O 
Props total: 44640 44 K  Slaps total: 4107 4 K
All 3 of my accounts good

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