E-40 Expands Spirits Empire With Launch Of Tycoon Vodka Brand

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E-40 Expands Spirits Empire With Launch Of Tycoon Vodka Brand


"E-40 has expanded his spirits empire with the release of Tycoon Vodka, a six-times-distilled vodka distributed by Southern Glazer’s.

Earlier this year, the Sick Wid It Records mogul took to Instagram to share a behind the scenes look at the production line for his take on the popular clear distilled alcoholic beverage.

“Tycoon Vodka,” the caption read, alongside a video showcasing large rectangular bottles of the spirit — featuring bold black caps accented with gold trim and matching labels.

The brand — a nod to the West Coast legend’s song of the same name — is now available for purchase at Uptown Spirits for $44.95.

E-40 has really begun to pick up momentum in the spirits industry, making waves with Earl Stevens Selections. The growing brand’s offerings include mangoscato, “function” red blend, moscato, the “cali-mocho” red wine and cola, prosecco rose, and sparkling wines in flavors of blueberry, strawberry, orangesicle, and more.

In 2021, the Bay Area legend secured a multi-state distribution deal with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits — making Earl Stevens Selections available across 41 U.S. states.

Tycoon Cognac, Kuiper Belt Bourbon, Kuiper Belt Gin, a variety of pre-mixed c*cktails (Sluricane), a golden lager beer (E. Cuarenta Cerveza), and more beverages are included in E-40’s portfolio.

The news comes on the heels of the rapper paying homage to his alma mater Grambling State University, with a hefty six-figure donation"

E-40 recently trekked to Grambling, Louisiana to present a check to the university which he hoped would aid in bolstering the school’s music programs and support their marching band.

However, what he didn’t know, was that university leaders would return the favor by naming a brand new recording studio after him; the Earl “E-40” Stevens Sound Recording Studio.

Prior to going on to becoming a rap legend, E-40 attended the HBCU in the mid-’80s. Now, he hopes that he can do the same for the next generation of students by inspiring them to chase their own musical dreams.

“Hey man, I feel good about it too. How about that? I feel really good and God is great, right,” he said at the time. Adding, “Music is my passion. Music is therapeutic and healing… Every day on my block was a movie. Just something going on whether people arguing in the middle of the night, couples in the middle of the street saying crazy stuff.”

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Good sh*t 40.

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 Keithf87 said
Good sh*t 40.


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True Hustler

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 xXq601xX said
True Hustler
On the grind 24/7

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Dope! Just hope he reached out to 50 before using the name.. 'cos yuh know 50 petty like that!

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Respect the hustle 40 my dude from the click days, he done come a long way.

But I still say brothers need to stop with t-shirts, alcohol, record labels, sneakers, etc....

Come together and get these businesses that can get the community back on its own terms.

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Cultural appropriation.

Russian and Poland made these. Europe made wines.

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