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Jun 21 - THE GAME GOES AFTER G-UNIT: GuNot Shirts Are Selling Out

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 06-21-2005, 09:30 AM         #1
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Jun 21 - THE GAME GOES AFTER G-UNIT: GuNot Shirts Are Selling Out

The Black Wall Street corporation goes after 50 Cent with a vengeance releasing "300 Bars," and now the GUnot shirts are on sale worldwide. It's definitely the biggest marketing war and campaign ever forged against a mainstay rap artist such as 50 Cent. Unmoved by 50 Cent's mainstream power, the BWS firm continues to attack the credibility of Hip Hop artist 50 Cent.

Game raps over "300 Bars" attacking ever member in the group calling Olivia a man, pokes fun of Lloyd Banks' monotone voice-calling him Sesame Street, inferring that Yayo is too old for the rap game, and 50 Cent is really not the hardcore person he proclaims to be. In fact 300 bars suggests that 50 Cent is a person that "rats" or "drops dimes" on his Hip Hop peers. The BWS firm, understands that rap listeners are now more than ever concerned and intrigued by the lure of the hood's background, and any faulty or misrepresentation will totally demolish a rappers career.

Understanding this BWS goes on full attack and creates GUNOT shirts. This goes after the heart of 50 Cent's crew, suggesting that they G-Unit indeed are not gangster rappers at all. Although 50 Cent used somewhat of the same strategy to take the Hip Hop crown from Ja Rule, he used the media against Ja Rule, The BWS strategically goes after the public the fans to relinquish the crown from 50 Cent.

No newcomer to beef, The BWS has had its fair share of beef with: Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Joe Buddens, and Memphis Bleek, The Black Wall Street firm has never went on an all out attack against a rapper, definitely not with the same fury. This "GUnot campaign is expected to be continued until the world sees that 50 Cent is not what he is cracked up to be", Scott Usry, BWS marketing consultant reveals. GUnot shirts were seen on the internet and have been requested by everyone around the globe, so the President of the company Gride has made them available on: ↪ http://www.theblackwallst .. l/apparel.html.

The shirts are now presented online and come in all colors and sizes. The shirts are a comfortable fit and can be worn with casual wear. This mantra and slogan can be applied to all instances where others proclaim to be so 'raw'. So far the shirts have been on the internet for 1-2 days and have been selling out, and having to be replenished within seconds of the first days announcement of the shirt's arrival



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