26 years ago today, Nintendo 64 was released in the US

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 6 months ago '10        #51
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 xbossxplayax said
zelda n goldeneye
These plus WWF No Mercy

 6 months ago '18        #52
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Besides golden eye and Mario cart I was not a big fan of the 64. That remoke controll was trash

 6 months ago '04        #53
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Ah my childhood. I got one for xmas that year (my folks said it was hard azz hell to secure) sadly they ran out of games!!!

So I had to rent that flight sim game from blockbuster until mario was back in the stock. I forgot what that flight sim game was but you piloted a glider and hang glider. I was just happy to have a game to play it.

A week later I got mario 64 and it was on though. To think mario 64 was the first massive 3d game. lol

 6 months ago '16        #54
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I used to play Mario Kart and this trash a*s Star Wars: Phantom Menace pod racing game at Sears, while my family shopped, back in the day.

I wonder if anybody remembers this sh*t. Looks like they remade it in 2020.

It was kinda okay, actually. But I wasn't trying to bring the sh*t home, I know that.

And Mario Kart was okay, but kinda goofy to me.

I know a lot of folks viewed it very highly, but I very much preferred something like Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast. I'm Sonic over Mario gang, tho.

 6 months ago '04        #55
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im gonna have to fire up Retroarch

 6 months ago '05        #56
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sh*t brings back real flashbacks

 6 months ago '05        #57
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Banjo Kazooie was flames. Just played that jawn again this year. Still holds up

 6 months ago '11        #58
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 Capodecina said
Alot of n64 cartridge games held up against the cheaper to make cds of ps1
Hell yeah and I loved the fact there wasn't loading times, but it was alot more expensive to make cartridges vs cds and the publishers/developers wanted Nintendo to ditch cartridges and go to the cheaper format and got pissed Nintendo didn't listen so they barely had 3rd party support on the 64.

 6 months ago '04        #59
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 Kewop Decam said
That sh*t came with one controller
Mine came with 2

 6 months ago '20        #60
HTownRealtor  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x24
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Super mario 64 is arugably the greatest game ever...up there with GTA san andreas and others

Super mario 64, mario kart, golden eye, jet force gemini, turok and WWF no mercy....amazing games

 6 months ago '17        #61
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Probably the best time to be a kid, N64 drop. So many memories.

 6 months ago '06        #62
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 FlexRegum said
I recently purchased a n64 and I have 2 or 3 outta your top 5 I want no mercy but they want a pair of js for that sh*t
Get an Everdrive. It's cartridge you put a sd card into, load all the games you want on it. If I was going to do the OG hardware that's the route I would go. Buying individual games is just way too expensive.

 6 months ago '22        #63
letitallg0  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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 6 months ago '04        #64
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Man I remember this system drop and time very well lol.Not for good reasons tho

I was really poor back in the day and had a playstation but really wanted a N64.I begged my mom to get it and she did.But we didnt know games was $75 damn dollars and it was a limited amount at drop lol.So I only got starfox and had to play that and only that for like 3-4 months.Then got Turok off a crack head for $5 and played that for 4 months.It wasnt until Golden eye where I loved N64.Then Perfect Dark,Mario kart and then all the Wresting Games.But it is 1 of my least fond gaming systems due to high a*s games prices and being poor at the times.OH AND IT GOT STOLEN TOO SMH

NOW THE DREAMCAST WAS A DIFF STORY lol.Loved that drop and games and had money then lol.

 6 months ago '06        #65
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 JarlesBronson said
Donkey kong 64 was mad
ad underrated
Agreed. So much hate on it now. Especially about the collectibles. But as a kid, who had to play that sh*t from Christmas till my birthday in September. It was amazing. I loved clearing every level with every Kong. It's right up there with Banjo and Mario as far as 64 platformers.

 6 months ago '18        #66
Dnyce215  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 Gamemusic said
Traded in my PS1 for one at Funcoland. If Nintendo hadn't pissed everyone off sticking with the cartridge format, it would've blew PlayStation out the water.

Top 5 games for me
Conkers Bad Fur Day
No Mery
Smash Bros
Donkey Kong 64
Ocarina of Time

 6 months ago '21        #67
2Pac Cares  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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I got mine in Feb '97. First game I had was Shadows of the Empire. Twas a good day.

Top 5 games
NBA Hang Time
Duke Nukem
Ocarina of Time
NFL Blitz
WCW/NWO Revenge

Last edited by 2Pac Cares; 09-30-2022 at 08:47 AM..

 6 months ago '17        #68
PackerTrelli3  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x22
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Going to toys R us and having to pick up a slip from the game you wanted, then take it to the cashier!!!!

Walking up to the gaming section like “please have more slips! Please have more slips!!”

 6 months ago '18        #69
MothMan  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Any of y’all ever played doom64? Had me sh*tting bricks as a kid

 6 months ago '17        #70
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Top five for me was definitely Donkey Kong 64, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, Goldeneye and WWF No Mercy.

I remember renting DK64 from Blockbuster and they didn't say sh*t about you needing a fu*king rumble pack just to play it. I was so damn upset I couldn't play that sh*t we took it back the next day

 6 months ago '13        #71
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Used to cream my pants when the weekly toys r us ad came out on saturday mornings


 6 months ago '05        #72
pnoi89  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x10
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 FlexRegum said
I recently purchased a n64 and I have 2 or 3 outta your top 5 I want no mercy but they want a pair of js for that sh*t
Invest in an Everdrive 64.


 6 months ago '04        #73
killadre  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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I still know this commercial word for word

Who else remembers this commercial?

 6 months ago '04        #74
Chronos  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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Still have my n64, we do goldeneye and Mario kart game nights all the time.

 6 months ago '19        #75
Freddie Dougie 
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I just told my girl about N64 yesterday since she grew up with the Playstation. I got mine on Christmas in 2000 (I know. late)

All we needed was Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Wrestlemania 2000, Madden 64 (I preferred "World is not enough" over Goldeneye but it dont matter to me)

Nowadays games cant keep our attention for more than a few weeks and a couple updates. We used to play the same games for years.

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