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Rate the last movie you watched pt. 4....

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Jumbo Rondo

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 1 year ago '05        #1
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Rate the last movie you watched pt. 4....

Looks like the last thread finally maxed out at 1K pages and 25K posts

Here's a link for anybody who wants to look through it in the future,

 https://boxden.com/showth .. .php?t=2218250

That thread been running for 7 years

This is an attempt at part 4, not sure if it will take off without being stickied but I'm gonna reach out to Ronnie about having it stickied, but I have no idea how active he is on here anymore as I haven't exchanged words with him in years.

Probably wouldn't hurt if a few of us sent him a similar message.

@ronnie If you can sticky this. Maybe keep part 3 stickied for awhile as well unless you have a two sticky max or something.

Hopefully this thread runs another 7 years.

Edit: It's stickied, so no need to blow up his inbox any more. We are good to go.

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 1 year ago '04        #2
NBA Brawler  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Damn other thread finally done huh? We definitely gotta continue and keep it going.

@🔗 Make it happen

 1 year ago '05        #3
ReppinDaBurghh  OP
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Good sh1t Ronnie already stickied it.

My man.

We back at it for another 7 years boys.

 1 year ago '09        #4
Ricky Towel 
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But yeah The Batman was essentially a Murder, She Wrote episode.

 1 year ago '15        #5
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Bullet Train. 7/10.

Fun flick. Enjoyed from beginning till end.

 1 year ago '18        #6
Pastor Ra  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x52
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Spin Me Round 8.5/10

 1 year ago '11        #7
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Willy's Wonderland 0/10 and I love bad movies but this was stupid. Nicolas Cage didnt say sh1t in the movies. He was mute

 1 year ago '13        #8
J Thrilla 
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Good sh1t OP.

Samaritan 5/10
Movie was dry as fu#k.

Dunkirk 8.5/10
Some of the best cinematography I’ve seen.

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Top 10 most propped recently  1 year ago '04        #9
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Running thru the extended versions of this started at noon took a hour break between the first and second one

Fellowship of the ring 10/10
The two towers 10/10

Bout to start the third one now
This is a trilogy that gets me emo every time

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 1 year ago '19        #10
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1917- 7.5/10

Enemy- 8/10

 1 year ago '05        #11
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 bravo1914 said 🔗
Willy's Wonderland 0/10 and I love bad movies but this was stupid. Nicolas Cage didnt say sh1t in the movies. He was mute
damn..cage probably should retire...unless he's going to be using sign language in another movie and used this to practice

 1 year ago '14        #12
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7/10. Felt rushed, plot was honestly kinda weak and there was pretty much no character development at all. Still pretty good though imo

 1 year ago '11        #13
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Men 6/10

wtf was that bruh.... weird and i was glad when it was over.

Black phone 6/10

It kinda used the Lovely Bones formula but just did not execute.

 1 year ago '10        #14
MANNYSOSA  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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This is the best continuous thread on bx tbh. Last one was classic. Let me bless the first page

Top gun maverick.

7/10 just a fun movie and Tom cruise the fu#king goat


7.5/10 great film. I think we are still quite a few jordan peele films away from him being at the top of his powers. Still looking for that signature shot of his to make his accession to master filmmaker complete

 1 year ago '14        #15
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Liked the story...If they didn't shoot for the PG-13 something could be done with this concept...

Sly's acting was good enough for what the story was...Liked him as a "washed" hero he has just the right look for it...

The kids although competent actors dragged the movie for me...


Shout out to Euron Greyjoy

 1 year ago '22        #16
letitallg0  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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Oh wow the other one finished, seems like it would not have an ending.

Nope is streaming
Thor maybe streaming next week

It’s time for me to get back into movies

 1 year ago '17        #17
Hurricane  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Not trying to add spoilers but unbelievable and predictable are the key words here. Went to support but damn

 1 year ago '16        #18
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 1 year ago '15        #19
He Hate Me 
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sh1t is dope and still terrifying today.

 1 year ago '17        #20
MilliRock  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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 1 year ago '12        #21
Jo Blow 
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 J Thrilla said 🔗
Good sh1t OP.

Samaritan 5/10
Movie was dry as fu#k.

Dunkirk 8.5/10
Some of the best cinematography I’ve seen.
I on the other hand enjoyed Samaritan, yea it was a throw away straight to DVD type movie but I watched it all and really liked the 3rd act ( to say the least with out spoilers) but yea 5/10 does sound about right, maybe 6...

Prey was dope 9/10.

I rewatched Incredible Hulk, the MCU one with Edward Norton, 6/10. but entertaining nonetheless.

Me Time, 3/10

Civil War, 8/10

 1 year ago '19        #22
unit321  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x37
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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga - comedy starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. 8 out of 10. Not the worst, but not the best.

 1 year ago '07        #23
BallDontLie  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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first page

13 lives 8/10

 1 year ago '09        #24
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Insomnia 7.5/10

I remember liking this movie more when I was younger.

 1 year ago '18        #25
Mr Tibbs 
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 theidiotlamper said 🔗


this eleimators **** looks like pure 80’s trash….


but I'm all in because my ***** got a Johnny 5 body.



"I saw this in a movie once."

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