What was your first job?

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What was your first job?




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My first job was a counselor at the Boys and Girls club in my hometown. At least that's what the description was.

Essentially, I was whatever they needed me to be at the moment. Sometimes I watched the young toddlers in the play area, mentoring the younger kids or sweeping up and putting sh*t away.

It was a summer job and I was 14 or 15. Good times.

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my first income was a paper route

but the first job at a business was a busboy at a second-generation, family-owned Italian Steakhouse, 2 brothers, and there were more than a couple characters in and out of there

one time some money got stolen, each of us got pulled into the office

dude is all in my face, yelling and sh*t, i've always had a problem keeping a straight face when people flip out, and yes, it causes lots of problems

"mommy and daddy can't help you here, you fu*kIN hear me?! i swear to GOD i'll fu*k you up, did you steal the money? you're in my world now a**hole, if you stole it, you better fu*kin fess up now, did you do it?! tell me, OH you think this is fu*kin FUNNY motherfu*ker? i'll show you funny a**hole, keep smirking, get the fu*k outta here and get back to work"

i was 14, and no, i didn't steal sh*t

 2 months ago '20        #5
Blafy  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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It fully closed in 2009

They got bought out

 2 months ago '06        #6
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KFC at 14

 2 months ago '17        #7
Pythagoras  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Cahier at Michaels

 2 months ago '17        #8
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Subway… when its was good

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Roy Rogers precursor to Arby's

 2 months ago '05        #10
pnoi89  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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Burger King

 2 months ago '17        #11
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 2 months ago '12        #12
SE Texas713 
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Bagger at Kroger. When min wage was like 6.25 or 6.75

 2 months ago '16        #13
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Meat cutter at Market Basket..

Went home smelling like blood every night ..


 2 months ago '13        #14
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parks and rec at 12

 2 months ago '14        #15
King Maximus 
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First official on the books job was Safeway

Courtesy Clerk @ 16 in that mf blunted but I did my job though..

But before that I did landscaping/lawn mowing under the table during summers when I could

 2 months ago '10        #16
Blue  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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Ross dress for less

 2 months ago '16        #17
kuul  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x12
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Yall tryna build a profile on your boy so you can fu*k up my credit.

 2 months ago '13        #18
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mortgage company as a gopher go for this go for that straight outta hs, worked a bunch under the table prior for cousins like hauling junk cars or cleaning busses. Doing security was pretty kush tho I worked at gamespot the warriors practice facility and other kickback places where I didn’t have to do sh*t and I wasn’t a fu*k up so they put me there as the model guy for the company. I’d be taking hella food snacks and drinks did a gig for apple when the iphone 5 released was the lead on that I jumped out and moved on when I didn’t renew my guard card.

 2 months ago '11        #19
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Ups warehouse .. probation officer got me in there

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JBigDawg  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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Paper route age 11

 2 months ago '17        #21
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Passing out flyers for a pizza joint. It was me my brother and 2 other friends. All young like 13, 14,15. It was a spot across the street from where my uncle worked. He knew the owner and said get my nephews a job for the summer. So he let us work. Man we passed them flyers out for like 2 days max. Keep in mind it was hot as fu*k. We got paid per day so after 2 days we had a couple dollars. On the 3rd day we started walking to area we were to go that day and there's like a little bridge way above some train tracks we had to walk past to get to our area. We stopped on the bridge looked at each other and said fu*k this so one of us gathered up all the flyers from everybody got up on the barrier and threw them bi*ches fover the bridge. The wind blew them motherfu*kers everywhere. So we went to our work area just found a spot bullsh*ted for a few hours, hit another spot to chill, got food at a spot and k*lled time til time to go back and get paid. We got there the owner looked pissed. We all looking like uh oh what's up? The owner said "How'd it go today?" We were like busy and hot. He was like "Really? Cuz thats funny seeing one of my drivers was going across the Millvalle bridge and saw my flyers flying every fu*king where.. Man we was quiet as sh*t. He was like "I'll still pay ya for yall LAST day." Man me and my bro was like damn we gotta go tell unc. When we went over and told him what happened we thought he'd be mad but that n*gga was laughing his a*s off. Funny sh*t man..


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 2 months ago '19        #22
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sh*t burger king smh.... I was working with this thick a*s joint from HS though so wasn't too bad .

 2 months ago '20        #23
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Arby's was my first real gig, and unlike the previous poster, I DID take the money. There were a few of us that were "good at math", including a few managers, so we really were young boys, never broke again.

Until I took that office job and there was nothing to flip.

 2 months ago '16        #24
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"Sandwich Artist" at Subway. However, with the minimum wage I was getting, might as well call me a "Struggling Artist".

 2 months ago '07        #25
N.O.4Life  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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Popeyes at 16. Hated that sh*t from jump. Managers was some hoes and n*gga couldn’t even eat non of the chicken They had some hoes that worked there tho and I ended up smashing 1. I ended up quitting after 3 months because the gay manager watched us work for 3 hours understaffed why he talked on the phone outside. Boy had the nerve to ask can I help clean after my shift before I quit I laughed my a*s off and dipped

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