Jun 15 - Webbie Interview-Trillest of tha Trill

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Jun 15 - Webbie Interview-Trillest of tha Trill



Having a legend featured on your first video is a good thing. Having two legends as your mentor and riding with you from the beginning of your career is even better. After Webbie hooked up with Trill Ent., started by Mel, Turk and Pimp C, and he and Lil Boosie released "Pimp C Presents: Ghetto Stories", his name began to spread through the south. Here he sets the record straight on all the rumors and gives the meaning of being "trill."

WOS: Introduce yourself to those that don't know. Let them know where you're from?

Webbie: I'm Webbie, Trill Ent., Young Savage. I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana..

WOS: How old are you man?

Webbie: 19

WOS: Alright. Let's talk about this deal you got. How does it feel, how did it come about?

Webbie: I was makin too much noise in the South. I was making all that noise. They heard me all the way up here. All the way in New York.

WOS: A lot of people look at your name and think it's 5th Ward Weebie, and on the song "Bad bi*ch: you sounded kind of upset about that.

Webbie: Oh I ain't upset. I ain't upset at all about it, at all. But it's just the stupid muthafu*kas who don't know the sh*t need to get over they head. They need to pay better attention.

WOS: What made you want to jump in the rap game? Who were some of your early influences and who or what influences you now?

Webbie: 2Pac. 2Pac and Big Spade.

WOS: What's some of your motivations to keep you going in the game.

Webbie: Every hit that I see come out on TV. Every time, I just think about millions and sh*t.

WOS: Tell me about your album. Who do you have featured on your album, and whohandled the production?

Webbie: I keep it family. Mouse on production. Mouse, that's my in-house producer. Boosie, Big Head, me the artist Trill Ent. That's who on my album features. Then I went out and made Fresh and BG get on and rip some tracks.

WOS: Yeah, yeah. When the release date for that?

Webbie: July 5th

WOS: Now, you have any more pressure, versus from when you were recording doing the albums with Boosie. Is there any pressure doing a full solo album?

Webbie: Uh huh.

WOS: Aight, now, with "Ghetto Stories" and "Gangsta Musik" you had Michael Watts chop & screw that, so what's goin on with "Savage Life"? That gonna be chopped & screwed as well?

Webbie: Yeah, I think they gonna do that with every album. I guess.

WOS: On a mixtape, I think it was a DJ Smallz mixtape, Bun B had mentioned that you and Boosie was part of the UGK family and y'all don't just do features y'all part of the UGK family.

Webbie: Yeah, we family. That ain't no feature sh*t we do, we just chop that sh*t up together whenever we want to.

WOS: But when Boosie came over to Trill, he was already in the game. So, when you came over to Trill, you got to hook up with UGK right off the porch. How did that make you feel?

Webbie: sh*t feel good. But it was really just like, it was some regular real a*s n*ggas. I like fu*kin' with real n*ggas.

WOS: Back in 2003, you came out with "Do It Big." That was all you. And Magic made his version featuring Boosie and Bleed. And after that he remade it again with Young Bloods and shot a video. A lot of people in Baton Rouge were upset that, I guess you can say he stole that from you. And then he ain't even throw you or Boosie in the video.

Webbie: You see me, I was like I ain't give a fu*k, because that just let me know I must be doing something good if a n*gga like what they hear. I mean they wanna re-chop my sh*t up and sneak they own version. But see, I'm so street with it. I run the streets, I am Baton Rouge. I'm talking about from Sherwood, to Scotlandville, to Zion City. I mean yeah they was fu*kin mad, they was ready to rip something in half, because they riding with me. Because they behind me, the whole city. But I don't give a fu*k. I can make a hit like it ain't sh*t. So fu*k it.

WOS: What was your relationship with Handy before he died?

Webbie: That was my peoples. I done ripped his album apart. We done ripped tracks together. I told him that I was gonna take it all the way to BET and sh*t, ya know.

WOS: Every city in the south has their own slang. You know Houston, Atlanta.

Webbie: We be Baton Rouge. We be jiggalatin'!

WOS: So what's all that about?

Webbie: Just jiggalatin' man, see jiggin, when you jiggin', you rollin' on them pills. I don't pop pills. But jiggalatin'- that's just on and poppin'. Ya know 'what's jiggalatin' tonite?' We jiggalators down there, partying. But jiggin', that mean they rolling on them pills. They be jiggin' too in Baton Rouge, but when we jiggalatin' everybody jiggalatin' down there.

WOS: Since Trill is on the same label as Swisha House, Rap-A-Lot and Hypnotize Mindz, can we expect any collaborations with them?

Webbie: I did something with Cam last night because he seemed like a real n*gga. I got on his sh*t, but I'm just really gonna keep it Trill family. Whatever happen, happens.

WOS: Is there any other rapper or producer you wanna work with in the future?

Webbie: It don't matter as long as I got my n*gga Mouse, who I brought to the table. Trill family. sh*t I'm ready to make a hit any day. I got that k*lla already in my studio.

WOS: What you got playing in your cd deck right now?

Webbie: sh*t, everything man. Old sh*t, hot sh*t, good music. I listen to good music.

WOS: Now you keepin' it real with me right?

Webbie: Fo sheezy.

WOS: Who you think fell off the map?

Webbie: (pauses to think). Ja Rule's a*s. 50 demolished his muthafu*kin' a*s.

WOS: I feel ya on that

Webbie: That's the only n*gga I ever seen that happen to.

WOS: What's your favorite album of all time?

Webbie: Let me see. I don't know bruh. The one that made me the proudest is that "Gangsta Musik," the one me and Boosie dropped. The one I'm gonna ride to and listen to forever is one of them 2Pac albums, I don't know.

WOS: What you prefer if you just gotta pick one out of the two: Crunk or Screw? And why?

Webbie: Crunk! Off top! Man that screwed sh*t just be driving me crazy man. I don't really fu*k with it. I guess I just gotta drink some syrup or some sh*t. So I rather my sh*t crunk as a muthafu*ka. Go whop a n*gga head to it.

WOS: Now what makes you any different from any other Southern rapper. Say Lil Scrappy or Young Buck?

Webbie: sh*t, I don't know. I'm me man. I'm Webbie. I don't rap like any one of them. I got a whole different flavor, I'm the spice in the gumbo ya heard me. You know the south is the gumbo. I'm the spice in the gumbo!

WOS: After a lot of people sign a deal they end up changing their sound to try to have a crossover appeal.

Webbie: Naw, fu*k all that. That's one thing I tell my people they ain't never gotta worry about- that sh*t because I really don't give a fu*k anyway. So fu*k it. What's happening is we gonna make this music. We gonna party in the club. We gonna f*ght in the club. We gonna sneak guns in the club. To the finish.
fu*k it.

WOS: So they ain't ask you to switch up on nothing upon signing. They ain't say "ah naw we can't have this sh*t, this is too hard."

Webbie: Naw, cause see I'm still Trill Ent.'s artist. I'm keeping this sh*t Trill. What the fu*k we named Trill Ent. if we ain't gonna keep it Trill? If we do that, we might as well change the label name, to Wack or to Commercial or some sh*t. Commercial Ent. We ain't gonna do that.

WOS: After Jay-Z and Lil Wayne said they don't write any songs, I started hearing all these people say they don't.

Webbie: I write my sh*t, I ain't gonna lie. I write my sh*t. Everything you hear on my album is wrote on something. I ain't got time to be playing with these people man.

WOS: Pastor Troy's going at Lil Jon, and T.I. .

Webbie: I ain't got time to be beefing with no n*gga on no fu*kin' raps neither. I ain't got time bruh, I got other sh*t to do. I swear if these old bi*ch a*s n*ggas be talkin' that sh*t, and then you can't get to em bruh. You know they got some ways to k*ll a n*gga, and I start that beef sh*t on a record and I can't get to them. I'm gonna want to punch somebody in their face. Man, and if I can't get to them, y'all gonna have me snappin' on my people cause I'm so mad. So I'm just gonna leave that alone.

WOS: Yeah, yeah, that's a good move right there though. A lot of people were asking where Boosie was at in the "Give me That" video.

Webbie: He was in jail. All y'all nosey muthafu*kas, he was in jail. fu*k it. Get the fu*k out a n*gga business. Put that in that muthafu*ka.

WOS: Another thing, they got a lot of rumors circulating around talking about (different stuff). You know for example, they got Trillville and Scrappy, they on the same label, but they beefing, making mixtape disses at each other and all of that. Now you and Boosie, y'all make good music together. So what's up with y'all.

Webbie: Yeah that's my n*gga. We together right now. And don't fu*k with him and don't fu*k with me. But if you go fu*k with him and you gonna see who beefing with who. Go fu*k with him and see what I do. That's my family. You fu*k with Boosie and see what's happening and you see who beefing with who.

WOS: So what you got in the future. Y'all going on any tours or anything?

Webbie: Yeah man, they got this fu*kin' promo bullsh*t booked up. Ya know, that's a good thing cause I love the fans. I got a lot of people that wanna see us. I'm coming to see y'all. I'm gonna be in y'all city on some promo sh*t but I like to get paid man. I hate that promo sh*t bruh.

WOS: So you got anything else you wanna say before we finish this?

Webbie: Big Pimp. Free Pimp C, I see you from here. Big Head I see you from here. Baton Rouge, we in the building and all y'all pu**y a*s n*ggas don't get scared now.

WOS: Alright man appreciate it.

Webbie: sh*t yeah


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