New Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Project On The Way?

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New Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Project On The Way?


"It looks like Albert Johnson a.k.a. Prodigy of Mobb Deep has new music on the way and fans are rejoicing.

As the fifth year of Prodigy‘s death approaches, it seems like the estate is preparing a celebration for the late MC.

In June 2017, Albert Johnson a.k.a. Prodigy of Mobb Deep died suddenly. The Hip-Hop world was saddened and continues to mourn over the loss of one of New York’s finest.

Throughout that time, much of Prodigy’s music has been removed from streaming services and other platforms that allow fans easy access to his legacy. However, that may all be changing now and the fans are celebrating.

A new advertisement is in circulation advertises “Book II: The Book of Heroine.” And it appears to be coming soon this year, five years after he passed. By the way, a heroine is a female hero…heroin is a drug.

Under the post, it reads the following:

We’ve been up to something… and now we can finally talk about it The Book Of Heroine, the second chapter in the 3 part series by Prodigy, will be dropping in 2022 Thank you for your Patience, see you soon…

There isn’t a lot more information on it but it seems authentic and real."

visit this link https://allhiphop.com/rum .. ct-on-the-way/


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Can't wait, I really enjoyed the Book of Revelation

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Alc x Roc will also drop this year.... Alc bout to go nuts... projects like Curren$y and a couple joints on Tana Talk 4 comin up

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this is “book one” for anyone wondering…
don’t know why it’s took them this long. I remember them talkin bout book 2 was coming soon like years ago…this album also ain’t on streaming so i wonder who putting it out
alchemist and his ghost producer at the time beat butcher were on the first onep

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The fu*ken prophecy continues

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