Kanye West And Antonio Brown To Launch ‘Donda Sports Brand’

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Kanye West And Antonio Brown To Launch ‘Donda Sports Brand’


Antonio Brown’s NFL career may be in limbo, however, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer has turned his attention to other pursuits in the meantime, one being a foray into the fashion world. The controversial wide-receiver has partnered with rap star and style magnate Kanye West to launch Donda Sports Brand, an athletic apparel line that will find the two firebrands collaborating. Brown, who revealed the news in a recent interview, spoke on the inspiration behind Donda Sports Brand and gave insight into his role in its launch.

“We’re just excited about the Donda Sports Brand, and making this thing a competitive sports brand to the athletes,” Brown told Complex. “I don’t think there’s a lot of fashion lines for athletes, wearing fashionable and comfortable clothes, so with a guy like Kanye West, being able to partner with him and work with him to provide more creative, genius ideas for fashion looks for athletes in general… I’m just grateful for the opportunity here soon, to share what we’ve got with the world. And you guys are hearing it first, we got some exciting things to look forward to this year.”

A release date or additional details regarding Donda Sports Brand’s launch have yet to be announced.
visit this link https://www.vibe.com/news .. nd-1234644016/


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That's how you do it.

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Id rather get the antonio brown rap album co-exec produced with kanye and with a garauntee record/single that will get mass radio play

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This is dope

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Whoooooooolllle lotta money

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