Former WTA player breakdowns the VISA process(Djokovic)

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Former WTA player breakdowns the VISA process(Djokovic)

"The hypocrisy of the world and tennis"

In 2005 I had the great pleasure to qualify for the Australian Open for the first time. Paws at 15 years old. The sea to the knees. With the exception of two years in which I was punished for doping, from 2008 to 2019 I did not miss participation in Australia. 2019 was my last participation in Melbourne. It is safe to say that this was the last normal year for tennis and normal functionality in the world. Everyone has the right to an opinion and I have lived according to this philosophy all my life. Good-bad, wrong-right, it doesn't matter, it's yours. Freedom of speech and freedom of action in general, as long as they are not to the detriment of others. You are not free to k*ll, even if you want to.

2020 slightly confused the word and the action called - freedom. However, for me, freedom of speech is an inviolable territory. With great interest I read all kinds of speeches, on all sorts of topics. I set foot on Australian soil for 12 years and played in the Australian Open. I don't want to convince anyone of anything. I'm just using my personal right to have an opinion on the subject.

1st - We players never apply for visas, as is the case for everyone else. Because our visas cannot be tourist visas because we receive prize funds (money). Often they cannot be employed because we do not have employment contracts and one employer. This makes the case of issuing visas in our country much more specific. For this reason, each tournament is in direct contact with its immigration authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2nd - When it comes to the Grand Slam, there is a whole department, each helmet that is a*signed to be responsible only for helping and organizing invitations and documents for the competitors and their teams. There is such a department for transport, accommodation, etc. For Australia, the process is relatively long, so we always received an email informing us, at least a month in advance, to advise us to start filling out visa forms, as there are many competitors and everyone has a team and there may be delays in processing the documentation. from immigration. Each competitor and member of his team receives a personal invitation with the names and numbers of his passport. He also receives a package of information needed to fill in the visa documents. The visa is specific, as I mentioned above, we are not on an employment contract to have work visas, nor are we tourists, because we receive a prize fund. The visa is compliant with the tax that is then deducted. This whole process is synchronized to the smallest detail between Tennis Australia and Immigration Australia. Australia has some of the strictest conditions for entering the country.

3rd. When we complete the application process and get our visas, the day of departure comes. For Australia and the United States, even at check-in and before almost every flight there, they want you to present your visa and see it. For 12 years, I don't know of a player who has qualified for the Australian Open, gone through the whole procedure of applying, approving, issuing a visa and not being allowed to enter the country.

4th. Tournament director Craig Tyley is one of the best tournament directors for me. The Australian Open, not coincidentally, is voted every year by the players, as the best helmet among all 4. The organization of everything - neat, transport for over 500 players, plus their teams - neat, accommodation, food, and the financial part are neat. Maybe everyone thinks that this is true of all helmets, but it is not. The Australian Open is an event there, with a capital E, and the state machine, sponsors and hundreds of volunteers are involved in the success of this event. Everything is organized, like a Swiss watch - perfect.

5th. Each Grand Slam has the status of an international tournament. This is not an internal tournament, nor is it from the ATP or WTA circuit. According to the rules, if you have a ranking that ranks you as a basic scheme, then you are declared automatically. Access to the tournament must be provided to you, as well as to each of the players. So far, all tournaments are played in the so-called "bubble". Players are not allowed outside the hotel and tennis complex. They also can't hang out on the courts. You have the right to train, fix, eat and return to your hotel immediately. The tests are performed non-stop and thus a sterile environment is guaranteed. This is how all the 2021 tournaments were held and there were no problems. Before the pandemic, there was also a "bubble" in tournaments in countries like Qatar. In the club we women played in tank tops and skirts, which in their country, if we went on the streets like that, we would be arrested. A country's policy has never been imposed in a tournament.

6th. 17 years ago, when I was 15, I had an agent from a large management agency. This agent took a percentage of my prize money and advertising contracts. The job of tennis agents is to announce your tournaments, book flights, organize everything on your trip, fire-hire coaches, masseurs, therapists and fill out all kinds of documents. Your job as a player is to be healthy and in the best shape. To think and live only for the tennis ball. Players like Novak, Roger and Rafael do not fill in anything. There are several of their agents, because the work they have with athletes of this caliber cannot be taken over by one person. These are contracts for millions, prize funds for millions and these are players that cost millions. About PCR. Each laboratory has a different time in which it processes PCR tests. My relative was unable to go to tournaments in Mexico because the result had not come out more than 24 hours after she had given the sample.

7th. Renata Vorachova is a veteran tennis player. I was a teenager when she was already playing professionally. Top single and doubles player. This woman was deported as a criminal. After a tournament played in Australia and after the Djokovic case. When it became clear that she and several other athletes, like Novak, had a medical exception and were in the country without any problems and were already competing, the authorities decided to reconsider these applications and visas. For now, only she, the Czech veteran, has been extradited. There is no information about the other competitors yet. Renata will be banned from entering Australia for the next 3 years. The top 100 athlete, who has played there countless times, has been extradited, will not be able to defend her points, which will be reflected in her rankings and career. The word discrimination has recently been thrown in the public space for all sorts of things, but this is discrimination in its truest form. There can be no more opinions and no points of view here, there are brutal facts here. This is discrimination in the highest form. Renata has already filed a lawsuit, which she will most likely win, as all her rights have been brutally trampled on.

8th. Everyone is talking about the medical exceptions to the Covid vaccine, but no one is talking about the medical exceptions to the use of banned substances. A few years ago, when Russian hackers hit the files of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), it became clear that many famous top athletes have a medical exception and permission to use banned drugs. They all have medical conditions that require them to drink things, and some of them are prescribed to cancer patients. Against the background of these drugs, steroids are, to put it mildly, weak. Strange, but no one asks about these medical exceptions. With this information, I just wanted to give a slightly more accurate idea of what's going on "in the kitchen." Everyone is still free to think and say what he wants, of course. Who is a fan of whom should not matter in order for a person to be objective. For example, I'm a sick fan of Roger and how else after we were born on the same date, but black can't be called white. The remarks of another giant (Nadal), in the case of Djokovic, were also strange, given that he also knows very well exactly these things, which I have listed above. Not to mention that his name was also on this list of medical exceptions. In summary, for 17 years of professional career and 12 years of walking in Australia, I do not know and have not heard of a player having a problem entering Australia after being issued a visa. The world of tennis is small and basically everything is known inside. I have never heard of a professional tennis player being denied entry after a visa has been issued. There were fines given to my close colleagues who had a banana or snack in their bag when they entered Australia and gave them fines at customs.

Yes, exceptional security pedants. That's why thoughts like Novak got a visa, or went to Australia, or even faked his Covid test are weird to me. These people have laws, that's right. That's why there are commissions that review all documents without listing the names of the players so that there is no subconscious influence and favoritism on the part of reviewers of the documentation. Politics has always, absolutely always, been involved in big sports. Sport at such a high level cannot but be linked to politics. Great athletes have a huge impact on thousands, millions, people. You are more likely to know an athlete from a country than its minister. At a time when freedom of speech is becoming limited, social networks are supposed to give full freedom, but censorship is greater than ever, to think that this is just a sport and has nothing to do with politics is, to put it mildly, naïve.

Djokovic has a huge influence and at the moment this is an absolute and pure form of repression. It doesn't matter who is his fan or who is not. He is a great athlete and a great man.

An athlete of Joko's rank requires brutal discipline, preparation and dedication. Because changing over 10 time zones, getting there and having to be physically and mentally against another player who is also with his strengths and weaknesses is an extreme test. It's not like sitting in an office and finishing your project in peace, but drinking coffee and clicking on your bodies during the holidays. Individual sport, and especially tennis, with its tournaments around the world, is a brutally difficult sport. Be a fan, but respect the work and the people who do it. For you it is fun and variety, and for the professional tennis player it is a way of life.

In this situation, Novak Djokovic was used for edification. Why this is so everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to ask such a question or not. After all, since in a country like Germany there are already fake certificates that are completely real and appear in the system, but are simply issued without a real vaccine, then in Serbia he could get 100. He didn't. He followed the rules and did not betray his principles without breaking the law. And in reality, none of us knows how many of the other tennis players have real certificates. Now, after this purely political decision to ban him from participating at the last minute, after the draw and deliberately delayed so that there is no time to react, there is no doubt that whoever is entitled to a medical exception will not be vaccinated in the future. gets a fake certificate. The saddest thing is that with such visible aggression towards an athlete, propaganda and edification are more visible than science.
For the critical thinkers who don't get the entire play by play from the MSM. I'll try to highlight the more relevant points. The post is by Sesil Karatancheva on her FB.

Do ya'll realize how dumb they believe ya'll are to believe he made up some scenario a week before Christmas and they granted him a VISA anyways? whens the last time someone was granted a visa for Australia thats an athlete but had trouble entering the country?


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Here is the statement issued Friday by Alex Hawke, Australia’s Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, when he revoked Novak Djokovic’s visa to enter the country:


Today I exercised my power under section 133C(3) of the Migration Act to cancel the visa held by Mr. Novak Djokovic on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so.
I feel the vaccinated are just angry others didn't get that shot. This guy followed the rules he and Varancova who's a wta player are the only players in history to be turned back after getting visa. in the case of varancova she played a double's match last week then was deported.

This was political theatre you simply can't lie 2 weeks before departure and get a VISA cause you're Djokovic. its never worked that way.

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