Fury wants to fight Ngannou

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Kadroan  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x20
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Fury wants to f*ght Ngannou



 3 days ago '21        #2
cbd kris 
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Fair play .

But how about a f*ght with somebody contending in your current ranks ?

.. and name doesn't end in Eontay Wilder


 3 days ago '16        #3
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He tryna get the white vs black fan base

 3 days ago '20        #4
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Yes Fury , well done man, get Ngannou a proper payday and stick it to the ufc, fu*king chicken scratch paid to these guys and gals in MMA..... I have no doubt Fury will finish Ngannou, MMA guys not a good track record against boxers, and I seen Ngannou in a f*ght a few years ago where he looked like he was out for lunch, so much so, Dana white had to apologize to the fans over that debacle.... Ngannou is my guy but keeping it real, Fury is a top boxer and I just don't see Ngannou winning, my opinion


 3 days ago '18        #5
CurryDaGoat  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x12
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Ciryl vs Fury would be a better f*ght

 3 days ago '11        #6
Tooly Da Gawd  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Fury is gonna decapitate him lol this is gonna look really bad for the UFC when their heavyweight star get's rolled and smoked by gane for an easy decision and then KO'd by Fury lol

 3 days ago '11        #7
Boston George 
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Fury would Dance all over my boy and I'm not gonna approve of this slaughter...

Ok I lied I say I'll pay for it

 3 days ago '16        #8
Homer Pimpson 
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Stop this corny sh*t

Top 10 most propped recently  3 days ago '21        #9
9ers Doyers 
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They going to do it at the Rose Bowl

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