J Prince Speaks on How Kanye and Drake Came Together to Help Free Larry Hoover

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J Prince Speaks on How Kanye and Drake Came Together to Help Free Larry Hoover


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A Kanye West x Drake album and tour would be dope to see. These dudes missing out on a lot of money by beefing. It ain’t like they need it tho Might as well come together and make music together I mean why not?

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Dudes not getting out
This is just a power play for positioning

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Young Destro55 
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Larry would've been free if he wasn't caught on wiretaps putting hits on his own folks & extorting them from regular prison

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Don't wanna applaud a black man staying in prison but dude isn't in there for one mistake or even a few...

And no way these young devil kids gonna listen to some old 70 year old man calling for peace...he probably would just want to go home to his family.

I saw an article stating he has fed and state time unless they would excuse both...hmm

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I don't understand this.... they are not letting him out

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