@awww....helps make 850 pound weed brownie

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@awww....helps make 850 pound weed brownie

visit this link https://www.adweek.com/br .. orlds-largest/


This cannabis-infused brownie weighs 850 pounds, stands 15 inches tall and contains a whopping 20,000 milligrams of premium THC.

Let the stoner jokes begin, along with a flood of recollections from people who tripped out on the heavily spiked homemade treats of yesteryear.

MariMed, a multi-state cannabis operator, leans directly into the lore around do-it-yourself pot brownies, but there’s more than nostalgia going on with this stunt, dubbed “The World’s Largest Cannabis Infused Brownie.”

As the parent company of new brand Bubby’s Baked, MariMed aims to grab mainstream attention for its weed-laced dessert line by latching onto tomorrow’s National Brownie Day, potentially getting the kind of exposure it can’t buy in the highly regulated, federally illegal cannabis industry.

The company also wants to create momentum at the dispensary level around Bubby’s as it launches into a fiercely competitive segment. The edibles market, one of the fastest-growing product categories in cannabis, is expected to top $10 billion in annual sales by 2025, according to Brightfield Group.

And there’s a bit of controversy to boot. MariMed executives reached out to the Guinness World Record folks about submission criteria but learned that the group “no longer accepts applications or creates new record titles that are related to the consumption, preparation or use of tobacco, cannabis or nicotine products,” according to a statement from Guinness.

Even though it’s not an officially sanctioned “world’s largest,” this brownie is a spectacle meant to “preserve and celebrate ‘OG’ cannabis culture,” Ryan Crandall, chief product officer and senior vice president of sales at MariMed, told Adweek. “For many people, a homemade pot brownie was one of their first and most memorable cannabis experiences, and that was the inspiration behind Bubby’s.”

image The giant version has been made for marketing purposes, but it’s already been sold to a medical cannabis patient in Massachusetts, Crandall said.

The everyday Bubby’s products are much more reserved in their size and potency, containing 5 milligrams of THC per edible. The line features brownie, snickerdoodle and chocolate chip snacks

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@ come walk around this 7 times

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@ come walk around this 7 times

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Lol that's crazy

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@ come walk around this 7 times

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