Hip Hop Songs that Had you emotionally stuck

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Hip Hop Songs that Had you emotionally stuck



 2 months ago '07        #2
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 2 months ago '18        #3
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Emotionally stuck? Hm.

Pac's verse here:


 2 months ago '06        #4
Big Bear 
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 2 months ago '05        #5
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 2 months ago '12        #6
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 Big Bear said

back in the day my bro had the bumps with the TVs in the truck and this was easily played about a million times. just waiching this video so loud you cant hear anything else and your buttcheeks getting massaged from the bass. lol. this song would really make me feel some type of way.

 2 months ago '13        #7
THEDONN  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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Pac dear momma
Nas Dance
Kanye hey mama
Ghost all that i got is u
Dmx SLippin

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 2 months ago '19        #8
Marvin divine 
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 2 months ago '20        #9
Gen Anti Fruit  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x15
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I remember this song was supposed to be so emotionally shocking at the final climax…

But most of us were like…


 2 months ago '16        #10
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 legacy313 said

Came to post this. My favorite song all time probably..

But since this was posted.. I’d go next with this one..


 2 months ago '16        #11
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 2 months ago '07        #12
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 legacy313 said

Damn, I came in here to post this…

But, I’ll post this one…

R.I.P. to my cousin ‘Cooley’ miss you fam…


 2 months ago '15        #13
T Town84 
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Look at my sister sadden with my baby's Mammy
Like she can't stand me
Say family be the first to turn so pity Annie
Filamina my Granny, celebrate the Grammy
Damn, who knew no plannin' was so perfect
Rollin' my Dam Me, never forget the Bones
Trippin' on foster homes, sayin' I wasn't manly with a
Scarred up soul, where I keep my skeletons understand me?
What if I said I was molested, Would you look at me Pale, but I keep on bailin', and I hope I'd don't
Go to Hell, stressed out oh well
Can I sell my bio? I was born in Ohio, already on trial
'Cause Pops said I looked too light, but mom's just white
But I still got your smile
And look at me now, gotta be proud of myself
Ain't nobody else,soundin' so worried about my health
And all the while takin' care of my kids
How will they live if I ain't hustlin', strugglin'
Trustin' still keepin' Jesus a part of solution
He gives life in the lungs, breath through tongue, now here it comes.

And my Mama took plenty beatings
Now, in her third damn marriage and man actin' like he cares
Apparently 'till you perish, but I was always there for you
Even though you let me leave
He's beatin' the sh*t outta me too, probably
Why I got my bodyguards and I'm in charge?
Watch me sleep, the pay is meek
But stay with me, and keep my heart collateral
We'll never break apart
Y'all didn't see me with Eazy
As a child of God with the underdog
Never applaud once you reminisce through the ball
Movin' in Heaven's movie y'all, think of all that fu*ked-up sh*t you saw,
Only if you knew what I was goin' through
What am I goin' through
Goin' through, goin' through?
If only you knew....

Flashback to May with the weight of the world
Can't stop my girl from steppin'
Lookin' for affection in wrong places
My lesson to learn, the world turns
The early bird gets the worm
What if it's rotten while you rushin' for love and get burned?
Five kids that's my only concern
I was a father before I became a man
Society don't comprehend
Callin' me worthless, but I could purchase
What they purchase, but I understand
Behind closed curtains you workin' on being a man
death scares me, but Jesus will prepare me
And hopefully repair me 'cuz God would want him to Really really, ghetto media see the thug
Wash your sins, then it's true you can be born again


 2 months ago '18        #14
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 2 months ago '04        #15
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 2 months ago '18        #16
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 2 months ago '15        #17
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I haven't listened to Kanye's "Hey Mama" since his mom died.

Ab-Soul "Book of Soul" is a close 2nd

Jay-Z - Where Have You Been
Geto Boys - 6 Feet Deep
Scarface - Someday
DMX - Slippin
Nas - Dance

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 2 months ago '18        #18
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 2 months ago '04        #19
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 2 months ago '18        #20
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 2 months ago '06        #21
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Dance With The Devil gets all the attention but this joint hit my heart. Life is rough.

This sh*t is just real

Hearing this after Pun just passed was bittersweet

Cuban’s tracks to Pun were real as fu*k too

This track by Rae was beautiful


 2 months ago '04        #22
Veno da Don 
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Dmx Slipping
Pac Rearview. Pac Life Goes On. Pac Unconditional Love...

 2 months ago '15        #23
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 2 months ago '04        #24
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 2 months ago '04        #25
Veno da Don 
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Jay-Z Meet the Parents

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