Venom: Let There Be Carnage Deleted Scene: Carnage Will Eat Your Face

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage Deleted Scene: Carnage Will Eat Your Face


"Venom is back, but unfortunately, so is his unholy spawn. Following the success of Marvel's "Venom" in 2018, the sassy symbiote returns in "Venom: Let There Be Carnage." The superhero film once again follows investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), who, through a series of unfortunate events, ended up playing host to an alien species. In that respect, the "Venom" films have been read as buddy comedies, like "Midnight Run" or "Booksmart." But now, Brock is tasked to find and stop a serial k*ller named Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson, who has become host to Venom's spawn, Carnage.

10 Sec
The Origin Of Squid Game's Creepy Doll Explained

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage" is directed by Andy Serkis, whose experience with CGI and motion capture in the "Lord of the Rings" and "Planet of the Apes" lends itself to the CG-utilizing story of stringy, slaying symbiotes. "Venom" co-writer Kelly Marcel penned the sequel's script based on a story co-written with Hardy.*

Carnage isn't the greatest guy, as evidenced by this extended, deleted clip from the film courtesy of an IGN exclusive. In it, the symbiote entreats Cletus Kasady and his partner, Frances Louise Barrison (known as Shriek in the Marvel comics), to help him take over the world — collateral damage be damned. Check out the deleted scene from "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" below.

'Why look to God when you have Him right here?'

"We will all have our revenge," Carnage pitches to the wayward couple, "We have an opportunity to make a mark on this world so indelible, our names will be history itself." He calls humans "pestilence" and calls for a human-symbiote hybrid race. This "new breed" would dominate Earth, and all other races would be "expelled."

It's not the first time a Marvel villain has advocated for ethnic cleansing — M.O.D.O.K.'s entire m.o. is human annihilation in various forms; he even tries to test a biological agent, Virus X, on the homeless population. There's even a Marvel supervillain called Genocide! In any case, Kasady and Shriek don't seem too broken up about the proposition, as long as they get their revenge. Seems callous, but they literally came from the St. Estes Home for Unwanted Children, it's right there in the name. They were forgotten, which is motivation enough for most comic baddies. Apparently the director didn't think the scene too necessary, but it's available on the special features along with over an hour of bloopers, deleted scenes.

But don't tell Carnage that you don't like it, or he'll eat your face.

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage" arrives on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 14, 2021."

Read More: visit this link https://www.slashfilm.com .. _campaign=clip


 2 months ago '07        #2
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Dope movie

 2 months ago '08        #3
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movie was pretty good Tom Hardy can act his a*s off especially after realizing hes talking to nothing in real life half the movie

 2 months ago '05        #4
Muggz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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wow if u guys thought this was good i need to try n remember to never watch anything u recommend

 2 months ago '19        #5
GT33D3e  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Was mediocre and not better than the 1st

 2 months ago '20        #6
confidential1  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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The banter/jokes between Eddie and Venom was best part..

Movie was all over the place, storyline sucked, direction sucked,

 2 months ago '04        #7
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fu*k this crap

 2 months ago '09        #8
Lupe Hunter  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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Carnage is literally his blood that’s why he refers to I instead of We, this scene doesn’t make sense

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