Monty Williams on Deandre Ayton: "My goal is to help guys win and get paid...."

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Monty Williams on Deandre Ayton: "My goal is to help guys win and get paid...."

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As the leader here, and a guy who is so good when it comes to the interpersonal stuff, whatís your perspective on DA (Ayton) and the question of whether there might be a butterfly effect negatively from his situation? And if so, how do you massage that?

Yeah, I donít believe there will be because you still get to play ball. We all still get paid. For me ó and I canít speak for anybody else ó my goal is to help guys win and get paid. So when a guy doesnít get what he wants, and (the two sides) donít agree, I take that like I didnít do enough, you know what Iím saying? Like, thatís my job. And thatís how I look at it. You know what I mean? I heard all the stuff (about his situation), and Iíve been privy to information and conversations. But for me as a leader on the floor, thatís what I take seriously. Now Iím not the reason guys get paid. But when they donít get what they want, or negotiations go awry. Iím like, ĎWell, how do I help them out?í Because thatís my job is to help that guy achieve all those goals. Thatís how I look at it.

If Iím in your shoes, I probably want to know (with Ayton), like, ďOK, we know what happened. But are we still (on the same page)?Ē Do you have to have that conversation?

Iíve never had that with him. He and I have always been pretty straight. Yeah. You know, he knows how much I care about him. I tell him. I tell all of our guys how much I care about them. I love them. Why should that situation be any different than any other? Thatís not my deal. I donít do that. I do the Xís and Oís.



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The role you gave him as a rim running center with pretty much no touches on offense allowed the Suns FO to take the max off the table DA could of easily been a 20/10 player instead of a 14/10 player if you gave him more touches on offense and Sarver would have thrown the max at him so it's kind of Monty's fault

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They paid Bridges who on many teams would be a bench player before they paid Ayton. Owner seems to be a penny pinching type but how does James Jones cosign the bullsh*t is what I dont understand.

If Ayton gets a good offer this summer I would not be shocked if tells the Suns goodbye based off the fact he feels disrespected. The Suns management paid Landry Shamet and Bridges before Ayton who is an important piece for their future.

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