A New Sopranos TV Project May Be On The Way After The Many Saints Of Newark Success

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A New Sopranos TV Project May Be On The Way After The Many Saints Of Newark Success


"Although The Many Saints of Newark only just released in early October as a prequel to HBO's The Sopranos, there are already talks of another TV project happening thanks to the movie's success. A new sequel series could be on the way with The Sopranos creator David Chase.

The Sopranos was a crime drama that ran on HBO for six seasons. This year’s The Many Saints of Newark feature film was a prequel to the original series, and the potential next project would be a sequel to the movie. WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff recently told Deadline that due to Newark’s box office performance, discussions are happening for yet another Sopranos project:

We’re talking to David about a new series, Sopranos related, on HBO Max.

It looks like we could be getting another Sopranos series, but not one that would give hard answers to the original series' infamous ending. Creator David Chase has said that a new series would take place after the events of The Many Saints of Newark but before the events of The Sopranos. He said:

There’s only one way that I would do it, and that was if Terry [Winter] and I could write the script together. That I would do.

It’s not surprising that David Chase would want the Sopranos writer and executive producer on board the project as well. Terence Winter wrote 25 of the show’s 86 episodes, and even served as director. Although he wasn’t part of The Many Saints of Newark, Chase is making sure that if anyone’s going to be by his side for this new project, it would be Winter."

A final decision on the new Sopranos project has yet to be made, as well as whether it would be a TV or film sequel. However, with the success of Newark and the everlasting popularity The Sopranos has, a TV show would make perfect sense, as Ann Sarnoff mentioned:

You see The Sopranos pop into the top ten of viewed series on the service and it’s given it an entirely new life. It’s literally lifted all of The Sopranos franchise in a new way. You can’t measure just by the box office.

Hopefully we’ll find out soon if The Sopranos will be returning to HBO with a new TV show! With the success of the original series and Many Saints of Newark, a sequel is likely if all the stars can align. David Chase showing enthusiasm for the potential project is a great step forward; now the matter may be securing Terence Winter to collaborate with Chase again. If such a project does happen, it could be a great addition to the HBO Max library of originals.

For now, you can find the entire run of The Sopranos streaming on HBO Max, as well as The Many Saints of Newark."

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fu*k yo momma if you ain't down with this. part of why "Many Saints of Newark" wasn't as good as it could have been is because it was way too short and deserved to be a mini-series at least.

let us see Tony & crew hold up Feech's card game.

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Give it a “limited series” & call it a day.

I liked the movie but after rewatching it I see why others didn’t care for it. If it didn’t have Sopranos in the title you would’ve thought it was some generic mob movie.

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Saints of newark was fu*king MID and embarrassment to the sopranos

Do it right this time. You fu*k


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Thank God this was on HBO Max because if I had gone to the theater to see it I would have been rather pissed off. The only good thing in this entire movie was the violence, everything else fu*king sucked, especially considering how great the show is. Should have made it another series instead.

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 Thotslayer said


Saints of newark was fu*king MID and embarrassment to the sopranos

Do it right this time. You fu*k

I thought the same thing!!
I’m praying they do this and still make it a prequel. Watch Tony come up

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This would be fire. Many saints of Newark a 4.5 out of 5 in my book. The movie wasn't over saturated and straight to the point. The show they doing going to put the cherry on top for The Many Saints of Newark. Some series are like that

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I'm watching anything Sopranos related regardless

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thumbnails way off...

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Pistol Peter 
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Movie was disappointing but I can see a Series picking up where the movie left off working

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