Texas attorney general Ken Paxton says ‘overthrow’ put Joe Biden in White House

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Texas attorney general Ken Paxton says ‘overthrow’ put Joe Biden in White House


Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general who as chair of “Lawyers for Trump” tried to overturn Joe Biden’s election in court, said Thursday that he not only still believes Trump won but that Biden’s presidency amounts to an “overthrow.”

He made the comment in El Paso, during a visit to announce a lawsuit to force Biden to resume construction of the border wall Trump started.

A woman in the crowd asked Paxton how many Republican governors “are willing to stand up and proclaim that Trump did win the 2020 election? We have evidence.”

“We’re sick of the overthrow,” she said. “This has been an overthrow, and we expect actually all of you to stand up and proclaim this. With 50 Republican senators, well at least maybe 40 of them, it’s time to do that, take the bull by the horn. We won, we know that. This is an overthrow.”

“So, let me just say that I agree with you,” Paxton responded.

Referring to his counterpart from Missouri, Eric Schmitt, who joined him at the border, he added, “There’s no two AG’s that have done more on elections stuff.”

Paxton’s comments echoed Trump’s own ongoing stance. “The insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!” Trump said Thursday night in a statement issued by his political action committee.

Paxton punctuated his remarks on the border wall lawsuit with a message to Biden: “Let’s go Brandon. We’ll see you in court.”

Among conservatives, the phrase has become code for contempt of Biden since Oct. 2, when NASCAR star Brandon Brown won a race at Talladega.

Chants of “F*** Joe Biden” were clearly audible during the post-race interview, though the NBC reporter told viewers it was a more innocuous “Let’s go Brandon.”

A staunch Trump supporter, Paxton spoke at the Jan. 6 rally just before a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol hoping to block Congress from formalizing Biden’s victory based on certified results from each state.

A month earlier, Paxton had filed a last-minute effort to*overturn Biden’s victory*by asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block four key battleground states –*Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin*– from voting in the Electoral College.

His argument was that those states had made unlawful change to election policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a “massive opportunity for fraud.” It later emerged that lawyers close to Trump had*drafted the lawsuit, and Paxton had volunteered to put the weight of his office behind it.

Election officials in those four states called the lawsuit a baseless stunt. If it prevailed, it would have nullified over 20 million lawful ballots.

The Supreme Court denied Paxton’s request, 7-2.

The Texas Bar later*opened an investigation*into whether his effort to overturn the election amounted to professional misconduct.

Trump said that the election was rigged or stolen before and after the Jan. 6 riot.

He persists with the contention even though after nearly a year, he and his allies have yet to persuade a single court or state election official.

At the Jan. 6 rally, Paxton bragged about the lawsuit.

“Because we’re here today, the message goes on: We will not quit f*ghting,” he told the crowd, with his wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton, at his side. “We’re Texans. We’re Americans. And we’re not quitting.”

With the attack under way, Paxton tweeted that*“violence is not the answer.”

He later promoted the falsity that Antifa was responsible*for the attack on the Capitol, insisting that “these are not Trump supporters.” That a*sertion was dispelled by arrest records, confessions and social media postings by rioters.

Paxton has been under indictment for his entire tenure as attorney general, on charges that he violated state securities law. The FBI opened a separate probe after former aides*accused him of trading political favors for a donor’s help*remodeling his home.

Trump endorsed him for reelection in July.

visit this link https://www.dallasnews.co .. tead-of-trump/


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Why are republicans never held accountable for anything? I really hate how weak Democrats are. This guy has been under indictment forever but nothing happens... Guiliani.... Gaetz.... Bannon... sh*t even Trump all have all kinds of charges or cases pending but somehow nothing ever happens to anything.. Merrick Garland is trying so hard to not be political that he's refusing to do his job..... Just because someone is republican doesn't mean you are being political if you hold them accountable. All these guys are literally trying to overthrow the country end our democracy and Democrats are scared to hold them accountable because it will look "poltical" GTFOH

This douche Ken Paxton would literally see this whole country torn apart then to be held accountable. He thinks Trump will be his savior if he's back in power. When will they realize Trump will only look out for Trump no matter how much orange a*s you kiss it will never be enough for Trump just ask Pence about it

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Wyte boys really love spreading falsehoods !

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When you privilege becomes so overwhelming that it causes you to become delusional.

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"Massive voter fraud"

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Still coping a whole year later. This is pathetic.

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 majorpain1963 said

"Massive voter fraud"
What's wild about that is, the payout was supposed to be 1 million, but they only gave him the $25,000 because they were looking for "bigger fish"


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disbar this clown

Sign me up


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