China - Surveillance state or way of the future? | DW Documentary

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China - Surveillance state or way of the future? | DW Documentary


DW Documentary
Oct 17, 2021

China is building a huge digital surveillance system. The state collects massive amounts of data from willing citizens: the benefits are practical, and people who play by the rules are rewarded.

Critics call it "the most ambitious Orwellian project in human history." China's digital surveillance system involves massive amounts of data being gathered by the state. In the so-called "brain" of Shanghai, for example, authorities have an eye on everything. On huge screens, they can switch to any of the approximately one million cameras, to find out who’s falling asleep behind the wheel, or littering, or not following Coronavirus regulations. "We want people to feel good here, to feel that the city is very safe," says Sheng Dandan, who helped design the "brain." Surveys suggest that most Chinese are inclined to see benefits as opposed to risks: if algorithms can identify every citizen by their face, speech and even the way they walk, those breaking the law or behaving badly will have no chance. It’s incredibly convenient: a smartphone can be used to accomplish just about any task, and playing by the rules leads to online discounts thanks to a social rating system.

That's what makes Big Data so attractive, and not just in China. But where does the required data come from? Who owns it, and who is allowed to use it? The choice facing the Western world is whether to engage with such technology at the expense of social values, or ignore it, allowing others around the world to set the rules.


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Interesting video - but it's obviously all made to be a surveillance state. FFS they give their ppl a "social credit score" and just like the video says - you run outside to take the garbage out w/o a mask on, your points getting lowered.

What happens when your social credit points get lowered, you ask?
You're not allowed to travel / You won't be issued loans and can have your credit card cancelled / You're issued fines based on if the cameras catch you jay walking, littering, etc. Hell I even read they lower credit score if you go out and buy more than 2 videogames or movies at once - You even have to put ur social ID into videogames you play bc if they notice you play too much or hack or mod the game you're getting fined for that too. Not surprisingly, the whole system is completely fu*ked bc someone whose rich can do things that lower their score anytime they want - they then just donate to a CCP created charity and wahlah, their credit score goes up based off how much they donate.

Their government has these people controlled, their freedom is completely restricted and any Chinese citizen who speaks out against their gov. on social media is effectively shadowbanned (as in their friends don't even see what they type on social media etc.), gets their score lowered and gets threatened with 'punishment' that will only get worse as time goes on.

fu*k that - Many ppl think we're headed down the same system and we will be if we don't f*ght against it. I would hope that my fellow Americans would be ready to die for our freedom rather than live like that, cause I know I will. We've come too far to live like that.

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This will be the future & the people in charge will target the people they do not like

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