Hitman Holla Recounts How the Home Invasion Happened; Drops New Music Video

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 2 months ago '16        #1
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NoLvstName  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x26
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Hitman Holla Recounts How the Home Invasion Happened; Drops New Music Video




 2 months ago '13        #2
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I’m glad she’s alive, and hit man try to keep your cool bra. Easier said than done for this situation but don’t make yourself more of a lick bra, you don’t have sh*t to prove bubba, stay safe

 2 months ago '21        #3
Young Defiant  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x12
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n*gga finna use this as an opportunity for clout...
There yall was online talking about how yall felt sorry for him.

 2 months ago '16        #4
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Your girl just got shot so you shoot a music video not even a month in

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 2 months ago '21        #5
Jonny2soxs  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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Clout is gonna be the downfall of society

I mean you literally got woman half nekkid on IG for no reason

 2 months ago '16        #6
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 wesleypipes said
Your girl just got shot so you shoot a music video not even a month in
Wowwww LMAO

 2 months ago '13        #7
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Never did like Hitman

 2 months ago '21        #8
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 wesleypipes said
Your girl just got shot so you shoot a music video not even a month in
Definition of Goofy

 2 months ago '16        #9
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Dude keeps talking about the home invasion! Dammmmm shut up already …

 2 months ago '20        #10
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Outside of Wildin Out, what has dude done to garner such attention? Serious question

 2 months ago '18        #11
shooter  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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 NoLvstName said

not gon lieÖ
Story sound weird af.

 2 months ago '06        #12
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I guarantee the next dude he battles is gonna say some slick sh*t about his girl being shot

 2 months ago '21        #13
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 wesleypipes said
Your girl just got shot so you shoot a music video not even a month in
What he sposed to do? Sit alone in a dark room, crying hiding from the world?

Even if he plottin his get back.. he still gotta make it seem like its business as usual. He know the boys watchin him now ..plus he can't look weak for his fans.

aint like she still in the hospital in a coma or paralyzed.. she good.

Gotta make it seem as normal as possible

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 2 months ago '05        #14
Flatbush85  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 hawk48202 said
I guarantee the next dude he battles is gonna say some slick sh*t about his girl being shot
Dirty, you already know what the hook gon be. He gon air that bi*ch out with his predictable emotional a*s.


 2 months ago '20        #15
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Hitman better pray the cops get them guys....

When the aggression shows up on your front door ain't no time to get ready.
Stay ready.

 2 months ago '06        #16
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How you a hitman when you let your girl get hit, man? All you did was holler

 2 months ago '16        #17
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Hitman has her promoting the sh*t from the ER

 2 months ago '21        #18
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n*gga really using his girlfriend almost getting k*lled for promo

You cant make this sh*t up man

 2 months ago '12        #19
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How you go from a raspy, out of tune voice to auto tune? You gotta pick one or the other. You want to be dmx or tpain?

 2 months ago '14        #20
Nardy Global 
Props total: 1796 1 K  Slaps total: 119 119
I don't understand how these dudes get hundreds of thousands of dollars and their vocals sound amateur on a track. Either they're being cheap and hiring mediocre engineers to save a dollar, getting hustled by the engineers they work with or they're mixing it themselves, cuz aint no way I'm a have all this money and can't get my vocals to compete with mainstream artists.

 2 months ago '14        #21
consigliereA  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 2 months ago '13        #22
Big Smoke FLA 
Props total: 27330 27 K  Slaps total: 705 705
This n*gga dropped a music video

He was just on Instagram talking like he was gonna go on a one man Max Payne style rampage across Atlanta

 2 months ago '15        #23
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You make me mad cause you use this hood act like itís a fad
Throw up your red rag and sag and say ďon my mommaĒ behind everything
But you got everything a n*gga who come from nothing never had
You got a momma and a dad, youíre privileged but you are too ignorant to admit it

Holla, 75% of black fathers donít even visit
I been to your crib many times, that sh*t roses and bubbles
I watched your momma hug you
But your father doesnít love you cause he let you be a sucker
When a father loves his son and the son means the world to the father
Son get to going down that road, you grab him up by that collar
Like, ďListen, your name Gerald, letís chill with all this Holla
You a athlete with no rap sheet
You ainít ever clip rounds or bust a zip down, ho sit down
You ainít never been in a dope house where the dope fiends smoke up
See that thick cloud, smell that aroma, and almost throw up
You ainít never had to hustle, get a pack and swear it came from the border
That sh*t donít lock up, you hit the block up and still get it off to the snorters
See, I worked all my life so that life you never would see
So when you claim you from the hood, thatís disrespectful to me
I married your momma as a chess move
I ainít wanna see you getting stepped to by some step-dude
Yes fool, I kept you in the best shoes, put you in the best schools
Stop telling people that the mob is your crew
Cause when the mob fu*k n*ggas up, them n*ggas that they fu*k up, they only know you
So n*gga, stop getting on camera saying you popping them guns

 2 months ago '17        #24
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It's definitely something he said our did to someone that got his home invaded, he needs to get better home security or move.Those dudes will be back.

 2 months ago '15        #25
Tully Blanchard 
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Dude is such a scorned weirdo

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