Whether you’re a fashion fiend or an old head GRISELDA is your new favorite rap group

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Whether you’re a fashion fiend or an old head GRISELDA is your new favorite rap group


Westside Gunn aka “Flygod” raps in a frenetic, high-pitched tone and his verses feel at once anxious and self-assured. His Hitler Wears Hermes mixtape series is both critically acclaimed and standoffish, with the name purposely featuring obvious allusions to abject violence and high-end luxury. This almost feels like a more threadbare, Post-Modernist approach to Notorious B.I.G’s tactic of paralleling “machine-gun funk” and his “ashy-to-classy” homage to opulence and good taste. Gunn’s deft ability to make you feel simultaneously aspirational with references to high-art and high-fashion, and terrified by his gritty, barebones accounts of the drug game is as good an example of the duality of hip-hop as there is. Popular culture looks to rappers both as icons to be emulated, and pariahs to be feared which is a viewpoint that can also be ascribed to America’s treatment of black culture on the whole. We appropriate and profit off of their art but refuse to give them proper credit for its creation, instead downplaying the skill that goes into lyrics


If Westiside Gunn is the jumpy younger brother, Conway the Machine embodies the tough, confident older brother persona. His voice is gruff and menacing, and his flow is smooth, and consistent featuring multiple consecutive rhymes and internal syllable patterns rather than stand-alone referential bars like Gunn. He suffers from Bell’s Palsy facial paralysis as a result of being shot in the head and neck, which ads a slight RZA-meets-50 Cent lisp to his gritty flow. He is significantly more subdued than 50 or RZA though, and he carries himself with a nonchalant swagger that stems from being both supremely confident and absolutely fearless. He can hold his own bar-for-bar with top rappers like Eminem, but his delivery actually downplays his ability to turn out complex rhyme structures. You barely notice as he spits 16 consecutive bars all playing off of the same rhyme sound, because he sounds like it means nothing to him


Benny the Butcher slides perfectly in between the high-energy, high-pitched statement style employed by Gunn, and the laid-black, rhyme-heavy nonchalance of Conway. He is the mid-point between the two, but definitely stands alone as an artist. His bouncy flow could fit solidly on any Wu-Tang group track and he specifically sounds a bit like a combination of Inspectah Deck and Black Hippy’s, Ab Soul. He almost raps like he is sparring or shadowboxing, with individual couplets representing a jab and punchlines punctuating like an uppercut. He knows the weight of his words and doesn’t let any bar fall short; he follows through on every stanza. His lyrical content is classic East Coast mafioso braggadocio delivered in a smug, New York state accent with a matter-of-fact tone. Mob imagery from his lyrics extends onto his album artwork with “The Plugs I Met” featuring doctored stills from Scarface, and “A Friend of Ours” pulling art from The Sopranos. His straightforward, cypher MC style is easy to digest, and almost journalistic in its simplicity.


Like the Wu-Tang Clan and G-Unit before them, they definitely benefit from strength in numbers, but every one of them has merit as a solo artist and adds a different element to the group’s overall appeal. Layer-by-layer, or “brick-by-brick” as they might say, Griselda is carefully stacking up accolades, co-signs, and classic tracks as they position themselves as next-in-line for the crown as rap’s top rap group; an empire in the making. Griselda might just single-handedly bring gritty street rap back to the forefront. If not, they’ll definitely turn a few heads trying.


 4 weeks ago '18        #2
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I approve this statement.


 4 weeks ago '21        #3
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What are the other options for rap groups?

 4 weeks ago '21        #4
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I didnt read any of this op but

HWH8 is album of the year

 4 weeks ago '21        #5
Tlatoani  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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WSG is trash and finesses his fans for cheap, ugly merch.

 4 weeks ago '04        #6
Adwerdz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x63
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 Marrero said
What are the other options for rap groups?
Da Cloth

 4 weeks ago '17        #7
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Gunn wack tho

 4 weeks ago '21        #8
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Mention me wrong I’m bomin /1500 on my runners I’m in London

 4 weeks ago '20        #9
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We only fu*k with Benny and he even seems different

 4 weeks ago '13        #10
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WSG GOAT status

 4 weeks ago '13        #11
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 bigchiefla said
mention me wrong i’m bomin /1500 on my runners i’m in london
uh huh

 4 weeks ago '13        #12
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I take these words to my grave cant nobody fu*k with me!

It's crazy when you really really feel that and are that and you hear this sh*t though...

 4 weeks ago '05        #13
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I got tired of the Griselda formula after listening to their stuff in the wheel for about a year. When Benny's solo official album came out with Hitboy production, it just felt like more of the same but with bigger guest verses.

To me, they need to switch it up a little...

 4 weeks ago '15        #14
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That write up was spot on. They definitely are my favorite group right now. It's been fun listening to all their recent work and going back to discover their old work. They drop projects at a rapid rate and I love it cause it gives me something to look forward to.

 4 weeks ago '18        #15
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Fashion fiend? Why would I care what an artist dresses like like that?

 4 weeks ago '21        #16
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Doot Doot Doot Doot Doot

 4 weeks ago '21        #17
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Westside Gunn got me randomly shouting Ayo! for no reason now

 4 weeks ago '21        #18
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Griselda are a breath of fresh air, especially in today’s climate

 4 weeks ago '21        #19
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There’s certain artists I hear & think “Nah this ain’t it. It sounds old”. Like they’re tryna force the 90’s sound but they’re not doing it right. But Griselda does it right. It sounds 90’s but modern at the same time

 4 weeks ago '05        #20
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I use to fu*k with WU heavy back in high school. As I’m older I’m off the drug song sh*t

 4 weeks ago '17        #21
LarryFresh  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Been on it since 2015…..

I remember when they signed to shady, I said this is going to set them back a few years

Glad to see they getting theirs

 4 weeks ago '16        #22
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Fk ur fashion. I cant roc with none of u gender bender rappers

 4 weeks ago '20        #23
Gen Anti Fruit  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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To each their own.

I like Griselda but they are far from my favorite.

Too one dimensional. Con makes the best songs to me. Benny the best lyricist of the crew. WSG holds down flashy frontman that gets your attention.
And production is nice usually but really simple. As was said above I need a little more diversity. 40 year olds bragging about slanging dope and shoot outs over a loop with no drums can only go so far.

 4 weeks ago '04        #24
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Fashion Nah none of them n*ggas be fresh…Benny be cool on some everyday sh*t.

You can buy the clothes but that don’t mean you can purchase style.

 4 weeks ago '18        #25
Mr Tibbs 
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noting but classics.

Sign me up


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